Gun Sales on the Rise a Year After Newtown

Friday, December 13, 2013

Collin McCarthy looks at a shotgun during the 8th Annual East Coast Fine Arms Show in Stamford, CT Jan. 6, 2013. This is the first gun show in Connecticut since the Sandy Hook shooting on 12/14/12. (TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty)

Tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of the Newtown, Connecticut shooting spree at Sandy Hook Elementary that took the lives of twenty school children and six adults.

Jeremy Richman’s daughter Avielle was among those killed. He told the Associated Press that he'll be marking the day with thoughts of his daughter.

“We'll be thinking of Avielle and where she would've been at seven instead of at six—and hopefully what we can do to prevent somebody else from feeling that same sadness," Richman told the AP.

That desire to prevent a tragedy of this scope from ever taking place again is one shared by many Americans. Yet despite the nation's shock and grief, a year later gun laws are no stricter, and gun sales are on the rise.

In December 1993, 70 percent of Americans said they supported stricter gun laws, according to a CNN poll. But 10 years later, a similar poll from CNN conducted earlier this month found support for gun control among just 49 percent of respondents.

In total, Americans bought an estimated 19 million guns this year. 

Robert Draper, contributing writer to The New York Times Magazine, writes about the legislative battle over gun control in this week's issue.


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This Angry American from NYC

Here we go again. It's the NRA fault. It's the gun owners fault. Yada yada yada. When you pretend to report real news, we pretend to pay attention.

Why the left media still report on this tragedy is beyond me. Isn't it obvious that the American people aren't listening and don't care for how you spin this tragedy. Look at the gun sale numbers.

Stop already, it's not working for you.

Dec. 13 2013 09:50 AM

It is really instructive, to go to the Times Magazine website, look at Draper's story, and read the comments. There are many intelligent, literate, politely critical comments from knowledgeable gun owners pointing out all of the errors, inaccuracies and false presumptions in the Draper story.

Dec. 13 2013 09:37 AM

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