Winter Storms Leave Much of Michigan Dark for Christmas

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A woman crosses Park Avenue in Montreal on December 15, 2013 as a powerful winter storm blew through eastern Canada with many flights cancelled or delayed at major airports. (Marc Braibant/AFP/Getty Images/Getty)

It may be a bright and merry Christmas for most of the country, but for 280,000 people in Michigan, it’s looking pretty dark.

An icy blast of freezing rain has hit the state, along with parts of Eastern Canada, turning off street lights and leaving hundreds of thousands of people without electricity.

Michigan’s largest utilities say tree icing and downed lines may prevent the power from being restored for days.

Joining The Takeaway from Detroit is Quinn Klinefelter, senior news editor for WDET, Detroit's public radio station.


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We better get used to these types of outages, and prepare for them since it will be happening more often with wild swings as climate changes. I heard a 60 Minutes program last night about cyber sabotage. The "electric grid" is quite vulnerable ~ and since everything runs on electrical support we are at the mercy of municipalities being prepared for the worst.

It's not profitable to 'plan for the worst'. It's all about profits. The USA is not known for "being prepared" we just like to think nothing bad will ever happen to us.

50 years ago those who lived in rural areas, especially, had propane refrigerators, and stoves, hot water heaters too, but without electric no heat circulated. Our homes were small, and a down stairs could be kept warm with an oven. Pipes were drained of water so they'd not freeze and burst. Water could be obtained by melting snow. We don't live like that anymore, but perhaps we should.

Dec. 26 2013 11:54 AM

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