Virginia Governor's Race: A GOP Referendum?

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Once a Republican stronghold, the state of Virginia might be straying from its Southern roots. Thanks to rapidly changing demographics and a strident GOP candidate, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe leads Republican Ken Cuccinelli by seven points.

Politically, Virginia looks more and more like Illinois. As liberal Chicago and its surrounding suburbs sway state politics to the left, rampant growth in northern counties like Fairfax, Loudon and Alexandria also threaten to re-make Virginia in the Democratic mold

Daniel Palazzolo, professor of political science at the University of Richmond, examines what a McAuliffe win would mean for the conservative wing of the GOP, and discusses how a Democratic governor in Virginia might change the ratio for races in 2014 and beyond.


Daniel Palazzolo

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Bob from Westchester, NY

In this story you call Virginia a historically solid Republican state now unexpectedly swinging Democratic, but before yesterday's elections 5 of the last 8 Virginia governors were Democrats, including 2 of the last 3 -- and both of those two governors (Mark Warner and Tim Kaine) went on to win statewide elections for U.S. Senate (with Kaine replaced an incumbent Democrat). You guys/girls at the The Takeaway have an unfortunate bad habit of not letting the facts get in the way of a good narrative, of which this story is a prime example. Please try to be more NPR in your fact-checking, and less FOX News.

Nov. 06 2013 11:18 AM

When Scott Brown won in blue blue Massachusetts I don't recall the liberal media declaring it a death blow to Obamacare. Instead they cheered twice as loud to drown out the public cries of protest as Reid/Pelosi played games to smash the bill through. When Scott Walker won his recall election against the big money democrat machine, I don't recall it being declared a referendum. Although I will admit to hearing a lot less about gun control since Colorado democrats were ousted in recall elections. Guess elections are only referendums when the media agree with the result.

Nov. 05 2013 06:07 PM

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