Today's Highlights | March 13, 2014

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pro-Russian sympathizers hold up a giant Russian flag as they march in the city center on March 1, 2014 in Simferopol, Ukraine. (Sean Gallup/Getty)

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Begins at 13:50: As President Barack Obama and acting Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk meet in Washington, it’s looking increasingly likely that the people of Crimea may vote for annexation. Tom Ginsburg, professor of international law at the University of Chicago, provides a closer look at how annexation has been approached historically and how it is addressed by current international legal standards.

Begins at 21:22: Six days after Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went missing, the country's leaders are facing pressure from around the world to supply some answers about just what happened to the flight. Jennifer Pak, BBC Malasyia Correspondent, explains why officials still have no idea what happened.


Tom Ginsburg and Jennifer Pak


T.J. Raphael

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Roman from Brooklyn

I think that a lot of commentators, including your guest, confuse the fact that there are a lot of ethnically Russian individuals in Crimea, with an assumption that they actually want to join with Russia. That is far from the truth. While they generally are in favor of more autonomy. I have no doubt that a free and fair referendum would not produce a majority who want to join Russia. Joining Russia would be a general loss of social freedoms and of a free and independent press, and it would push the region farther from Europe. At a time when more and more of the people see their future as integrated with Europe, even the Russian speaking majority. I, personally, have many friends in Ukraine who see themselves as Russian. Not a one, wants to live under Putin's Russia.

Mar. 13 2014 03:33 PM

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