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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Chinese Greenpeace activists set up an E-waste sculpture at the China International High-tech exhibition in an effort to shame the companies attending the expo on May 23, 2005 in Beijing. (China Photos/Getty)

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Begins at 05:55: Each year, Americans generate more than 10 million tons of electronic waste and three quarters of these discarded gadgets go straight to the trash. Much of the remaining 25 percent is sent abroad to be recycled in a highly arduous process. But one company in California wants to change the process and hire ex-California prisoners to “demanufacture” electronics here at home. Kabira Stokes, founder and CEO of Isidore Recycling, discusses her company's mission.

Begins at 21:35: Last week, eight Democrats joined a large group of Republicans in voting against confirmation for Debo Adegbile, a former NAACP lawyer who was being tapped to head up the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Unit. Adegbile faced opposition for defending a man who killed a police officer in 1981. Todd Zwillich, Takeaway Washington Correspondent, looks at  the potentially chilling effect of this vote.

Begins at 31:08: With all the buzz that comes from the flurry of tech tools and start up madness at this year’s SXSW, Manoush Zomorodi, host of WNYC's New Tech City, decodes the latest, most ridiculous lingo being tossed around at the interactive conference this week. Manoush also checked in with tech journalist David Pogue, who also unmasks the jargon in the video below.



Kabira Stokes, Manoush Zomorodi and Todd Zwillich


T.J. Raphael

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Robert Thomas from Santa Clara

I hope that the artists and pitchmen at this year's South By Southwest festival have a good time and a successful show.

"South by Southwest is about innovation in marketing, not 'tech'"?

Yow! What a realization! Could this be because Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and similar enterprises are about as much "technology" companies as UPS is an automotive company? They are sales and marketing companies.

Eastern seaboard journalists have NO CLUE what "technology" is; they certainly have no understanding of the industry of my region. They shouldn't feel too bad about this. West coast journalists are the same.

The journalistosphere experiences everything from the point of view of Communications Studies: Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising and the decidedly poor relation, Journalism. Nothing else really exists for them.

Mar. 12 2014 04:17 PM
Amy Rowan from The Bay Area

Talk about ridiculous lingo, truncating the very name of the festival, South by Southwest, into "South By" came across as a parody of itself. Please tell me this was intentional.

Mar. 12 2014 03:48 PM
john wildstone

your p.r. blurb in support of politicians who opposed the nominee for head of the civil rights division was typical government radio spin. first, of course, the idea that a lawyer for the NAACP who advocating for a person facing the death penalty should be considered too offensive is itself too offensive. second, your story in general pushed the idea that the whole notion that mumia might have been framed is ridiculus. as if there have never been cases of the police and DA's office framing african-americans, i.e., chicago, i.e., the L.A. ramparts division just to mention hundreds of cases of purposeful framing of criminal defendants by police and prosecutors, not to mention all the cases where convictions have been reversed nationally because of prosecutoriaql misconduct.and, by the way, his death penalty wasn't "comuted"; it was reversed by the appeals court, a decision sustained by the supreme court. the prosecution then decided not to pursue another death penalty hearing at the trial court because it knew that absent the improper jury instructions, it couldn't prevail.

Mar. 12 2014 12:49 PM

Love it!

Did anyone miss "South By" in the vid?!? Woot!

Mar. 12 2014 09:51 AM

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