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Monday, April 14, 2014

Pro-Russian activists attend a rally outside the regional administration headquarters in the eastern Ukrainian city of Lugansk on April 14, 2014. (DIMITAR DILKOFF/AFP/Getty)

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Begins at 01:10: Violent developments in multiple cities in eastern Ukraine have the nation teetering on the brink of what looks like civil war. Is an invasion imminent or are we seeing the limits of NATO's influence in Europe? John Mearsheimer, professor of political science at the University of Chicago and the author of "The Tragedy of Great Power Politics," weighs in.

Begins at 25:36: This week, the Retro Report documentary team looks back at the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, which struck Northern California in the middle of the World Series. The earthquake pushed California to better prepare for future earthquakes. Erik German, Retro Report producer, reflects back.

Begins at 30:33: After Oscar Pistorious took the stand last week in his murder trial, we ask how the people of South Africa are evaluating the truth and fairness of the trial as their judiciary is displayed on the world stage. Milton Nkosi, BBC South Africa correspondent, explains.

Check out a video of Retro Report's findings below. 

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Erik German, John Mearsheimer and Milton Nkosi


T.J. Raphael

Comments [4]

Carlos .. from CA and Ukraine ..

Corrections of my post below .. there is one way to stop a bully .. show hime you are stronger and that you are willing to fight ..

Yes professor the nearness of NATO countries was likely an embarrassment and insult to the rulers in the Kremlin .. we could say a lot about history and that would be enjoyable ..

Do you have apologies and rationalizations for everything the Kremlin leaders have done ?

The Kremlin wants Ukraine to join in with Kazakistan and Belarus and Russia in a Customs Union .. what can you tell the audience about the political life in these countries ?

.. over 14 years V. Putin has ended democracy in Russia by ending free local and regional elections, and by taking over all national TV stations, and by the murder of opposition journals and writers and imprisonment of possible political opponents ..

what Putin does .. with his friends in the Kremlin ..
1. invades Georgia
2. invades Ukraine
3. tortures and murders a whistle blower named Sergei Magnitsky who proves that police officials stole $250 million .. then after
4. headed a mafia state of thieving officials and taken $40 billion for his personal estate, Russians send $50,000,000,000 in private money every year to foreign banks
5. puts his political opponent Khordohovsky in prison for ten years
6. arrests his critic Navalny in Moscow
7. ends the free election of mayors and governors of regions so that there are no competing political personalities can become well known by the voters
8. concocts a tandem trade with Medvedev to rule for 24 years
9. forms a "trade union" with Belarus and Kazakstan .. where dictators have ruled for 20 years
10. takes control of all national television stations in Russia
11. Edward Snowden's sponsor
12. props up mass murderous dictator in Syria
13. allows 120 sailors to die in the Kursk rather than let NATO countries save them
14. threatens to put medium range missiles on the German border unless Obama backs out of his offer to defend Poland and Prague with anti missile radar ..
15. assassination of Litvenenko in London
16. assassination of Anna Politovskaya and other journalists
17. poisoning attempted assasination of Yushenko when he was a candidate in for Ukrainian president in 2004
18. mass murder to suppress self determination in Chechnya..

I have spent about 500 days in Russia and Ukraine and watching this stuff .. if you don't believe me read Luke Harding, Anna Politovskaya, Marsha Gessen, Andrei Illarionov, Michael Gorbachev, ..

Apr. 14 2014 04:07 PM
Carl Loeber from CA and Ukraine

the comments of the professor on Ukraine and the Kremlin's response to NATO is clearly out to lunch for anyone who knows the history or knows what is going on in Russia and Ukraine right now. I have been 15 trips to Russia and Ukraine since 1996 and have followed the Kremlin take over of democracy since Yeltsin left power since he was first elected.. The Kremlin once Ukraine to join their customs union with Kazakhstan and Belarus two countries which have been ruled by dictators for the last 20 years.. Just like the Kremlin has been ruled by a dictator for the last 15 years! What is the professors excuse an apology for the dictatorships in these countries? The Kremlin in 2004 and did elections in the region and large cities there are no more politicians who can challenge the national dictator.. The Kremlin has taken over all three national television networks and last week took over the last national television network broadcasting on the Internet.. Journalism is free in Russia yes as long as you can stay alive.. The most prominent journalist in Russia was murdered on Putin's birthday in 2007.. As far as ukraine entry into NATO.. It is up to the national government of the nations of Eastern Europe what alliances and treaties they will make.. The US does not force any nation into a treaty.. I would like to tell the professor that there is only one way to stop a bullet and the Kremlin is clearly a bully.. You have to show the bully that you are stronger then he is and you have to show the bully that you are ready to fight..! I guess the professor would just like to surrender to dictators because this is power politics..

Apr. 14 2014 03:27 PM
Charles Landraitis from Boston, MA

Professor Mearshimer's comments on the origins of the crisis in Ukraine and relations between Russia and the West represent one pole of opinion. There is much more to be said about this. However one stands on the history, the real problem is how to go forward from the new reality that Russia's current trajectory confronts us with. Is a deal possible that does not threaten Russia's perceived security interests yet leaves room for Ukraine's progress in the democratic, cultural and economic spheres? This remains to be seen.

As for NATO, what's done is done. There is no political or ethical argument for reneging on security commitments to existing NATO members.

Apr. 14 2014 12:29 PM
Larry Fisher

During the 1989 earthquake, I was working for Time Inc. on production of all their magazines. When the earthquake hit, I ran up to Sports Illustrated to see about changing the cover and the story.
I get to Sports Illustrated out of breath, to find everybody in the department smoking cigars and watching porno instead of knowing anything about the earthquake or the game.

I calmly sat down. They made fun of me breathing hard. I suddenly pretended to have a premonition that the game was cancelled and that they would have to get back to work. I took bets. I won great cigars, a box of chocolates and twenty dollars when they finally turned on the game to see that it wasn't happening.

Apr. 14 2014 10:49 AM

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