Today's Takeaways: The Threat of America's Next War, Action on Climate Change, and Rewriting Bad Memories

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

What if you could get rid of bad memories? (Agsandrew/Shutterstock)

1. ISIS: America's Next War? | 2. Police Departments Lose Military Equipment | 3. Abortion Drug Combo Gains New Ground | 4. Say Goodbye to Bad Memories

ISIS: America's Next War?

After years at war, the United States is ramping up military involvement in Syria and Iraq, and the risk of another long, drawn-out conflict looms large.

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Police Departments Lose Military Equipment

Over 150 police departments have been suspended from a controversial Pentagon program that transfers military equipment to state and local police. Among the reasons—they lost weapons.

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New Drugs Allow Abortions to Move Beyond Clinics

Do you need a doctor to perform a safe abortion? One physician designed a program that provides access to a combination of abortion drugs and instructions on how to use them.

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Can Obama Get a Climate Deal Without Congress?

The Obama Administration is looking to use executive authority in order to get an international agreement on climate change without Senate approval.

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Say Goodbye to Bad Memories

What if you could take any one unpleasant memory and rewrite it to have sunnier associations? Researchers say they’ve managed to transform bad memories into good ones in mice.

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