Today's Takeaways: Aligning With Dictators, Fantasy Football, and Diversity in Friendships

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A woman, suffering from Alzheimer's desease, walks in a corridor on March 18, 2011 in a retirement house. (SEBASTIEN BOZON/AFP/Getty)

1. The U.S. & ISIS: New Questions Over Doing Deals With Dictators | 2. Is There Such a Thing As a Just War? | 3. Fantasy Football Tips From The League's Mark Duplass | 4. Race and Friendship: The Role of Segregation

The U.S. & ISIS: New Questions Over Doing Deals With Dictators

Do we know who our friends are? Though the U.S. once considered bombing Syria, some say that aligning with President Bashar Al-Assad, who has been fighting ISIS, is a necessary evil.

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Investigation Reveals Dark Side to Nursing Homes

A new investigation from Takeaway partner The New York Times finds that nursing homes frequently manipulate the Medicare ratings system to guarantee a five star rating.

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Russia And Ukraine Meet For Peace Talks

Today, peace talks are underway in Minsk between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Petro O. Poroshenko. More than 2,000 people have died in the conflict so far.

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Hollywood's Favorite Bro Shares His Fantasy Football Tips

Take a knee, news junkies—it's fantasy football season. Don't worry if you know jack about the game. Mark Duplass of "The League" stopped by to share his fantasy football tips.


Is There Such a Thing As a Just War?

Last week, Pope Francis entered into a conversation about war and confronting evil. When he was asked about ISIS, Francis said that the militant group must be stopped.

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Race and Friendship: The Role of Segregation

A recent survey finds that 75 percent of white Americans have no non-white friends. We look at the role historically segregated housing plays.

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