Today's Takeaways: A Russian Gang Rips off The Internet, A Violent Boyhood in Sierra Leone, and a Fresh New Feminist Voice

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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Medea Benjamin of CodePink protests as Director of the NSA Gen. Keith Alexander (L) waits for the beginning of a hearing before the House (Select) Intelligence Committee October 29, 2013. (Alex Wong/Getty)

1. The Watchmen at The White House | 2. A New Plague? Ebola Outbreak 'Out of Control' | 3. 'Hello, Comet!' Europeans Make Space History | 4. Roxane Gay Breaks The Rules With 'Bad Feminist'

The Watchmen at The White House

About 40 percent of suspects in the federal government's Terrorist Screening Database have no connection with any terrorist group. The database includes 611,000 men and 39,000 women a...

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Russian Gang Rips Off The Internet

In what is the now the largest collection of user information ever stolen from the Internet, a crime syndicate swiped more than 1.2 billion user names and passwords, and some 500 mill...

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A New Plague? Ebola Outbreak 'Out of Control'

With more than 1,600 reported cases, Richard Preston, a writer for The New Yorker and author of "The Hot Zone," a book about the origins of Ebola, says the situation in West Africa is...

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'Hello, Comet!' Europeans Make Space History

Europeans made history with the Rosetta Probe today. After a 10-year chase, the European Space Agency announced that its spacecraft has maneuvered alongside a speeding comet to begin ...


General's Death Reveals Complications of War

The addition of Major General Harold Greene to the casualty list in Afghanistan yesterday is a nasty blow for U.S. forces leaving Afghanistan and trying to secure the country after years of war.


Roxane Gay Breaks The Rules With 'Bad Feminist'

Writer Roxane Gay is all about living in the contradictions. She says feminism is messy, and that capital-F feminism could do with a little more messiness.

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Sierra Leone: From Carnage to Development

Writer Ishmael Beah has experienced the carnage of Sierra Leone's 10-year civil war first hand. After losing his family, Beah was recruited at the age of 13 to fight for rebel forces....