Today's Takeaways: An Elusive Path to Peace, A Church Scandal, and Modern Feminist Icons

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

A demonstrator holds a placard with a painting of the Palestinian flag and a peace symbol during a demonstration on July 17, 2014 in Madrid, Spain. (Blazquez Dominguez/Getty)

1. The Elusive Dream of Peace in Gaza | 2. Tax Dodgers: U.S. Fears Firms Who Choose to be 'Un-American' | 3. Arizona Inmate Takes 2 Hours to Die | 4. Feminist Icons: From Rosie the Riveter to Beyoncé

The Elusive Dream of Peace in Gaza

It's already been a deadly week in Gaza and Israel, but a cease-fire seems no closer. Veteran Middle East negotiator Ambassador Martin Indyk says it's an unsustainable stalemate in an...

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Tax Dodgers: U.S. Fears Firms Who Flee America

A trend is catching hold among large corporations in the United Sates and it's consequences could be devastating for the corporate tax base. U.S. companies are increasingly deciding t...

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Everything is Awesome: How Lego Sails the Seas

In 1997, 62 containers of Legos washed off a ship—and they’ve been showing up on the beaches of Cornwall, England ever since. American Oceanographer Curtis Ebbesmeyer has been followi...

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Arizona Inmate Takes 2 Hours to Die

Yesterday, another execution raised the question of whether lethal injection is a barbaric form of criminal punishment. It took nearly two hours to kill Arizona inmate Joseph Wood, wh...

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Report: Decades of Church Abuse in Twin Cities

Earlier this month, Pope Francis begged victims of clerical sexual abuse for forgiveness and promised to hold bishops accountable for covering up the scandal. In recent weeks, a year-...

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Feminist Icons: From Rosie the Riveter to Beyoncé

Just how flawless of an icon was "Rosie" herself?  And is it time we put aside the propaganda and found some new feminist icons? 

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