Today's Takeaways: The Taliban, A $15 Minimum Wage, and Celebrations of Grammatical Sins

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Monday, June 02, 2014

Fast food workers and activists demonstrate outside the McDonald's corporate campus on May 21, 2014 in Oak Brook, IL. Demonstrators were calling on McDonald's to pay a minimum wage of $15-per hour. (Scott Olson/Getty)

1. Is the U.S. Policy Toward The Taliban Changing? | 2. New Carbon Regulations May Provoke Political Fight | 3. FIFA Faces Accusations of Bribery | 4. Donald Sterling & A History of Forced Sales | 5. An Inside Look at the 1986 Challenger Disaster | 6. A $15 Minimum Wage: The Key to a Healthy Middle Class? | 7. How's Your English? A Celebration of Grammatical Sins

Is the U.S. Policy Toward The Taliban Changing?

What does Sgt. Bergdahl's release say about U.S. policy toward the Taliban, and the conduct of the war? Joining The Takeaway to weigh in is David Sanger, National Security Correspondent for our partner The New York Times.

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New Carbon Regulations May Provoke Political Fight

Today President Obama announces new rules on carbon emissions for existing, coal-fired power plants. The EPA’s proposals would cut carbon dioxide emissions by up to 30 percent, but not without a few lawsuits and political battles in the process.

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FIFA Faces Accusations of Bribery

This weekend a report by The Sunday Times revealed damning evidence that FIFA members were bribed and bought off to support Qatar's bid for the 2022 World Cup. Andrew Jennings, the author of "Omertà: Sepp Blatter's FIFA Organised Crime Family," weighs in on the alleged plot.

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Donald Sterling and A History of Forced Sales

The NBA is set to meet tomorrow to determine if the Sterling family must sell the LA Clippers. Critics say it is deeply un-American to confiscate property because of someone's beliefs, but history professor Howard Pashman says it’s actually keeping with American traditions.

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An Inside Look at the 1986 Challenger Disaster

This week, the Retro Report documentary team takes us back to Cape Canaveral, and the decisions that led to the Challenger disaster, the details of which emerged in a famous investigation that showed huge design and engineering flaws in the NASA Shuttle program.

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Seattle Experiments With $15 Minimum Wage

Seattle is set to make history today as the first city to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. The measure is expected to pass city council, but implementing it will be a more complicated process.

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How's Your English? Celebrating Grammatical Sins

Ammon Shea's new book, "Bad English: A History of Linguistic Aggravation," is a celebration of grammatical sins of sorts. He says that new words, with new meanings and new rules of grammar, are all just signs of a healthy thriving language.

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