Labor Leader Reflects on the Legacy of Cesar Chavez | NCAA Union Ruling May Drive Money for Women's Teams | The Takeaway TV Smackdown - Round 6!

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Friday, March 28, 2014

A Cesar Chavez memorial mural in San Fernando, CA. (Salina Canizales/flickr)

An Awkward Meeting for Obama and Saudi King? | The Takeaway TV Smackdown Enters Round 6 | Labor Leader Reflects on the Legacy of Cesar Chavez | The Movie Date Team Reviews This Weekend's New Releases | Will the Senate Act Before Doctors Face a 24% Cut in Medicare Payments? | NCAA Union Ruling May Drive Money for Women's Teams

Misbehaving Secret Service Agents Raise Questions

New incidents of unruly behavior by Secret Service agents are again raising questions about the culture of the agency. From prostitutes to excessive drinking, are these incidents a si...

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Labor Leader Reflects on Chavez's Legacy

Ahead of Cesar Chavez Day—a multi-state holiday designed to honor the Chavez's service to the community—Dolores Huerta joins The Takeaway to reflect on the era the work of Chavez and ...

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Could the NCAA Union Ruling Help Women's Teams?

College sports are in the spotlight after a landmark ruling by the National Labor Relations Board determined that athletes on Northwestern University's football team have the right to...

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House Passes Last Minute 'Doc Fix' Bill

Through a controversial and surprise voice vote, the House passed legislation yesterday that temporarily patches up Medicare physician payments. The bill now goes to the Senate, which...

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Today's Highlights | March 28, 2014

Also on Today's Show President Barack Obama and Saudi King Abdullah will meet in Riyadh today, during a period of time when the U.S. is importing the least crude oil from the region i...

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News Quiz | Week of March 28

Are you a newsie? Do you know what's happening from Washington to Hollywood to Pyongyang? Be smarter than your pals. Prep your dinner party factoids. Gauge your knowledge about what h...

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