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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Chinese Greenpeace activists set up an E-waste sculpture at the China International High-tech exhibition in an effort to shame the companies attending the expo on May 23, 2005 in Beijing. (China Photos/Getty)

Keystone XL: The 1,179 Mile Journey from Alberta to Nebraska | Rethinking E-Waste Recycling | Is Bossy the New "B" Word? Should it be Banned? | The Dangers of the Debo Adegbile Vote | For the First Time Ever, Snowboarding Hits the Slopes at the Paralympics | Decoding the Tech Jargon at SXSW | Living Longer: Life Expectancy and the Future of Health Policy 

The 1,179 Mile Journey of the Keystone XL Pipeline

For the last five years, environmentalists and energy companies have lobbied, protested and fought over the Keystone XL Pipeline. Whether or not the Alberta-to-Nebraska leg of the pipeline is approved, the Canadian oil sands are already up and pumping. Journalist Tony Horwitz traveled the length of the proposed pipeline, and he says that North America could become the Saudi Arabia of the Western Hemisphere.

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Should the Word 'Bossy' be Banned?

Sheryl Sandberg is tired of the word "bossy," so much so that she's launching a campaign against it. Sandberg says "the other B-word" discourages girls from thinking of themselves in positions of leadership. Is it so much the word "bossy," or the way we teach young girls to think about themselves? Sarah Burningham, author of "Girl to Girl: Honest Talk About Growing Up and Your Changing Body" and two other books for teen girls, and Micki Maynard, contributor to, weigh in.

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Inside the Paralympics: Snowboarding

Snowboarding makes its debut at the Paralympic Winter Games this year in Sochi. The inclusion of the sport is crucial to the growth of the Paralympic movement, which strives to gain more viewers, athletes, and supporters. Athlete Cristina Albert  is making her first-ever appearance at the Games as a member of the U.S. Paralympic Snowboard Team. She joins The Takeaway to tell her inspiring journey to the top of her sport.


Living to 100: Science Takes on Life Expectancy

Would you want to live to be 100-years-old, or even older? And if everyone could, what excites or worries you about what the future has in store? S. Jay Olshansky, a professor in the school of public health the University of Illinois at Chicago, knows a lot about human aging through the centuries and what society stands to gain—or lose—from having a much larger, older human population. He joins The Takeaway to discuss the history of life expectancy.

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Today's Highlights | March 12, 2014

Also on Today's Show: Each year, Americans generate more than 10 million tons of electronic waste and three quarters of these discarded gadgets go straight to the trash...Last week, eight Democrats joined a large group of Republicans in voting against confirmation for Debo Adegbile, a former NAACP lawyer who was being tapped to head up the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Unit...Manoush Zomorodi, host of WNYC's New Tech City, decodes the latest, most ridiculous lingo being tossed around at the SXSW interactive conference this week.

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