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Friday, February 28, 2014

An old fashioned American Constitution (Onur Ersin/Shutterstock)

British and American Security Agencies Spy on Millions Through Webcams | President Obama's New Initiative Looks to Keep Men of Color on a Successful Course | Do Food Labels Impact Eating Habits? | Predictions for the Oscars | Inside the Oscar Nominees for Best Original Song | Your Ideas for a 28th Amendment to the Constitution

Spy Agencies Capture Millions Through Webcams

Millions were surprised to learn on Wednesday that, with help from the NSA, the British surveillance agency Government Communications Headquarters captured and stored the webcam images of millions of Yahoo users worldwide. Spencer Ackerman, U.S. national security editor at The Guardian and the reporter who broke the story, explains how the government was able to get access to this information.

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Is Policy or Mentorship Needed for Young Men of Color?

Yesterday President Barack Obama announced a new initiative designed to help young men of color. The program, called "My Brother's Keeper," is aimed at cultivating the kind of mentoring that the president believes helped him and will help other young men of color. Lester Spence is a professor of political science and Africana studies at Johns Hopkins University. He says that he appreciates the gesture, but believes the president should be pushing policy to help young men of color—not mentorship.

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Inside the Oscar Nominees for Best Original Song

Our Movie Date team has given us their predictions in the big categories for Oscar night, but there's another smaller category that's getting a lot of buzz this year: The original song category. In fact, the category has never been so modern, hip, and controversial. John Schaefer, host of Soundcheck on our partner station WNYC, walks us through the nominees.


News Quiz | Week of February 28

Are you a newsie? Do you know what's happening from Washington to Hollywood to Pyongyang? Are you one of those people who always need to know? Do you listen to the news religiously, convinced that what you hear will give you an edge? Be smarter than your pals. Prep your dinner party factoids. Gauge your knowledge about what happened this week, as heard on The Takeaway.


How Would You Amend the Constitution?

We've got 27 amendments so far, including the right to free speech and the right to bear arms. Should we add a 28th? What would it look like? Kerry Sautner, vice president of visitor experience and education the National Constitution Center, explains what it takes to get an amendment ratified, and what a 28th Amendment might look like.

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Today's Highlights | February 28, 2014

Also on Today's Show: Concerns over a Russian-backed separatist movement in the Crimean region of Ukraine is giving the international community serious pause...First Lady Michelle Obama announced a series of proposed changes to U.S. food labeling rules yesterday. Will these new labels really change eating habits?...We're only two days away from the Superbowl of movies: Oscar night! Though you may not have seen all of the nominees, our Movie Date Team has and they give us their predictions.

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