Talks Resume on Iran Nuclear Deal | Reimagining the Politics of Evangelical Christians | How "Network" Predicted Today's Media Culture

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A supporter of Republican presidential candidate and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (R-GA) waits for his arrival outside Centro de la Familia evangelical church January 28, 2012. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty)

Talks Resume on Iran Nuclear Deal | Will the Pope Change his Mind on Divorce? | Everything You Need to Know About Venezuela's Conflict | A Look at the First U.S. Ice Dance Team to Win Olympic Gold | Reimagining the Politics of Evangelical Christians | How the Film "Network" Predicted Today's Media Culture

Talks Resume on Iran Nuclear Deal

Talks have resumed in Vienna between Iran and six world powers to try and cement a nuclear deal. Iran's foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, has insisted that Iran has the political will to reach a deal. Such optimism contrasts with remarks from Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who has poured cold water on these talks and said they would likely fail to deliver an agreement. Thomas Erdbrink, Tehran Bureau Chief for our partner The New York Times, weighs in on whether or not a deal can be reached.

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Will the Pope Change his Mind on Divorce?

For 500 years, the Catholic Church denied communion to parishioners who divorce and remarry. But this week, Pope Francis may chart a new course, breaking ranks with his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, who refused to allow for pastoral discretion on the issue. James Carroll is the author of "An American Requiem: God, My Father, and the War that Came Between Us" and "Toward A New Catholic Church: The Promise of Reform." He examines the choices facing Pope Francis regarding marriage and the future of the Catholic Church. 

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Reimagining the Politics of Evangelical Christians

After generations of Evangelical Christians moving further towards the right, many found that their partisan politics were pushing people away. Now, a new generation of young leaders are calling for change and more moderation. Brandan Robertson, founder of The Revangelical Movement, an organization that promotes an alternative Evangelical perspective and Krista Tippett, host of On Being, join us to discuss the changing face of Evangelicals. 

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How "Network" Predicted Today's Media Culture

"Network," the 1976 film directed by Sidney Lumet, won four Academy Awards that year. But almost 40 years later, more significant than any of its accolades is the lasting statement the film made about the television industry—it seems to have seen into the future of our media culture. Dave Itzkoff, culture reporter for our partner The New York Times, is author of a new book on the classic film. It's called “Mad As Hell: The Making of Network and the Fateful Vision of the Angriest Man in Movies.”  

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Today's Highlights | February 18, 2014

Also on Today's Show: Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro ordered the expulsion of three U.S. consular officials whom he accused of conspiracy and meeting students involved in anti-government protests. In a speech broadcast on national TV, President Maduro warned that there would be a more armed response...Yesterday at the Sochi Olympics, Meryl Davis and Charlie White won America's first ever gold medal in ice dancing. The Takeaway explains why America fell off the map in ice dancing.