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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Why do childhood memories fade? (agsandrew/Shutterstock)

Syria's Peace Talks: A Complicated Patchwork | NC Leads the Way in Cutting Aid for the Jobless | Can You Really End Homelessness by Simply Providing Homes? | Solving the Puzzle of China, the Web & Wyoming | An Epic Journey Through Time: Dungeons & Dragons Turns 40 | Childhood Amnesia: Why Do Some Memories Fade?

Syria's Peace Talks: A Complicated Patchwork

Central to the Syrian peace talks is the question of how the international community should deal with President Bashar al-Assad, particularly as the evidence of war crimes continues to mount. Bente Scheller, author of "The Wisdom of Syria's Waiting Game: Foreign Policy Under the Assads," puts these talks into historical context. Marine Olivesi, a freelance reporter for PRI's The World, explores why the Free Syrian Army is no longer fighting with just Bashar al-Assad.

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NC Leads the Way in Cutting Aid for the Jobless

At the end of last year as the federal government allowed long-term unemployment benefits to expire for 1.3 million Americans, and North Carolina led the way in also reducing benefits. Paul Tine is a North Carolina state representative that voted for the unemployment cuts. Jaslyn Roberts is the career center director for Charlotte Works, a job training organization. Together they explain how things have changed in the state since benefits have been cut.

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Can You End Homelessness by Providing Homes?

In 2005, Utah set out to end chronic homelessness within 10 years by providing each homeless person with an apartment and a social worker. As they inch closer to their deadline, it looks like the state could actually pull it off: The state says the homeless population has shrunk by nearly 75 percent since Utah started its initiative. Whittney Evans reports on local government for Takeaway affiliate station KUER. She joins the program to discuss how this program works.

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Solving the Puzzle of China, the Web & Wyoming

What do half a billion Chinese people, the Internet and Cheyenne, Wyoming have in common? One of the largest Internet failures in history. An Internet outage this week affected nearly every user in China—the country’s web traffic was mistakenly redirected to a company based in the Wyoming building. Jason Q. Ng is the author of "Blocked on Weibo: What Gets Suppressed on China’s Version of Twitter (And Why)." He joins The Takeaway to explain what went wrong.


Dungeons & Dragons Turns 40-Years-Old

Forty years ago this month, a game was introduced to the world that changed pop culture forever: Dungeons & Dragons. Helping The Takeaway to celebrate this milestone, and explain how Dungeons & Dragons withstood the test of time, is David Ewalt, author of "Of Dice and Men: The Story of Dungeons and Dragons and the People Who Play It," and John August, a D&D enthusiast and screenwriter behind “Frankenweenie,” “The Corpse Bride,” “Big Fish,” “Charlie's Angels,” “Go,” and many other blockbuster films.

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Why Some Childhood Memories Fade

Scientists have found that by age seven, childhood amnesia begins to take effect, in which early memories are forgotten at a faster rate, and sometimes lost entirely.

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