Siri Breaks Down Why Police Can't Search Cell-Phones

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A man uses 'Siri' on the new iPhone 4S after being one of the first customers in the Apple store in Covent Garden on October 14, 2011 in London, England. (Oli Scarff/Getty)

In a unanimous decision issued today, the Supreme Court ruled that police cannot search cell-phones without first obtaining a warrant.

Want to know why? We asked Siri so you don't have to. 

Listen to her 15 second explanation above, and check this out: Your Guide to Court Decisions on Aereo and Cell-Phones.


T.J. Raphael

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Ed from NYC

The reports said police are able to get a warrant in 15 minutes. Where might that be. Here in NYC the police need to personally respond to the DA office and then meet with a Judge during BUSINESS HOURS. How is a reporter allowed to say such nonsense unchallenged? At least try to do your job and walk through the process with a member of the police department before you make such a unqualified and reckless comment. Actual time is generally 8-12 hours. No biggie unless its your life or the life of someone you love who is depending on dissemination of the information on the phone. Ask your self why Murdoch people felt phones were such a great source of info- because they are. People will have the quality of police protection that they demand. However I hope they can survive it.

Jun. 26 2014 11:49 PM

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