Senate Chaplain Preaches Compromise, Forgiveness During Shutdown

Friday, October 11, 2013

Amidst all the political theater, the bickering, and the finger pointing in Washington, D.C. by our lawmakers over how to get us out of this government shutdown and reach a compromise on the debt ceiling, there is one man in our nation's capital who speaks to a higher power.

As Congress negotiates with President Barack Obama, and thousands of furloughed federal workers anxiously await a return to the office, Senate Chaplain Barry Black, a Seventh-day Adventist and former Navy Rear Admiral, counsels lawmakers on compromise and compassion. 

"Remove from them that stubborn pride which imagines itself to be above and beyond criticism...forgive them the blunders they have committed," the chaplain said of the senators in his opening prayer last Friday.

Admiral Black has the opportunity to offer words to the Senate body and as of late, those words have become something of a scolding of our politicians and a conscious check—imploring them to put aside their differences and do what they know is right and best for the nation.

Today on The Takeaway, Senate Chaplain Black explores the role of faith in Congress, and discusses the federal shutdown.


Barry C. Black

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Todd Zwillich

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Arwa Gunja and Jillian Weinberger


T.J. Raphael

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Heather Armstrong from Portland

I grew up mostly without religion. Now my five year old is asking about Jesus (thanks so some christian friends) and so we are trying to tackle world religions. Lat night he said, "I want to be be Jewish like Quinn"(his friend). I am struggling to find books that are factual yet appropriate for his age group.

Oct. 15 2013 12:52 PM

To use an old saying, "From his mouth to God's ears!" Unfortunately, most of the individuals elected by the people to the U.S. Capitol are so prideful that they equate "promote the general Welfare" to retaining their seats. Many thanks to The Takeaway for letting me know there is *someone* who works in the Capitol about whom i can be happy .

Oct. 11 2013 01:22 PM

My take on the House holding the country 'hostage' in order to get concessions on the PPACA - defund what they haven't got the power to repeal - is an insurrection. Unprecedent in the nation's history and definitely not following our Constitution or the rule of law.

If I were President, I'd have them confined to quarters - the House chamber, their offices and their local apartments - until they have a vote on an unencumbered CR.

Oct. 11 2013 10:11 AM

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