Resolutions for 2014: Diet and Exercise

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A new kind of food pyramid: healthy plates customized for immigrant diets. A new kind of food pyramid: healthy plates customized for immigrant diets. (Courtesy of The Institute for Family Health)

As 2013 winds down, Takeaway listeners are sharing their resolutions for the year to come. New Year's Resolutions often revolve around diet and exercise. They're the most common -- and the most commonly broken. 

Barry Popkin, distinguished professor of public health at the University of North CarolinaChapel Hill, examines the most practical ways to get healthier in 2014, through diet and exercise. 


Barry Popkin


Gianna Palmer

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Wayne Roth from San Mateo, Calif.

New Year Wild Outrageous Resolution

That all the countries and cultures of the world come together and slam on the brakes and we all come to a screeching halt and stop fossil fuel emissions dead in their tracks. This will be the most exciting creative time for all humanity; it will be like all of the combatants of world war II coming together to save the planet from our fossil fuel addiction and leave our generations to come a planet that will support them in harmony and balance, instead of continuing to pump our carbon emissions into the atmosphere, tipping the planet into a much hotter and deadly unstable climate for 100,000 years possibly putting the very existence of humanity’s future in peril.

Jan. 02 2014 03:23 PM
Isaac Murray from Portland, OR

Diet soda and Low fat foods!?! The 90's called and they want their diet advice back. There is an enormous body of research on the harmful effects of artificial sweeteners, not least of which is the fact that they don't help you lose weight at all. As for fat, the snacks your guest listed off are all very high in refined carbs which are the real culprit in our obesity epidemic. Dietary fat does not equal body fat. Barry Popkin is right about reducing sugar but would do well to read some dietary studies produced in the last decade.

Dec. 31 2013 04:23 PM
Angie Purviance

Ugh. Okay, there were some decent tips, but it was made way more complicated then it needs to be. Count your calories, there are free apps out there that make it easy. Weigh and measure your input (it really doesn't take long) so that you know your data is accurate. Eat less than you burn. Move your body (both strength and cardio are healthy things to do). Profit.

Dec. 31 2013 01:00 PM
Jerrold Richards from Lyle, Washington

My resolution for January 01 2014 will be to try to live through that day in such a manner that I actually manage to survive the day, and wake up the next morning, January 02 2014, not dead. If this happens, I will look back on January 01 2014 as a good day!

Dec. 31 2013 12:56 PM
Patty Mendenhall from Beaverton, OR

My new year's resolution last year was to stop spitting my used gum out the car window, and I kept the resolution right up to November, when my bad habit returned. At least I kept this one longer than previous resolutions to lose weight!

Dec. 31 2013 12:54 PM

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