Today's Takeaway: Inside Looks at An Oil Boom, A Musical Resurrection and An Ill-Fated Voyage

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

'Xscape,' the new posthumous album from Michael Jackson

Should We Have the 'Right to Be Forgotten' Online? | Audio Essay: A Poignant Warning About the Future from a Forgotten Writer | Ukrainian Journalists Navigate the Fog of War | Sleepy New Mexico Towns See Oil Boom | King of Pop Resurrected: A Look at Michael Jackson's New Album, 'Xscape' | How Innovation Can Save Us From Environmental Catastrophe | A Grandson Traces His Grandfather's Voyage to Auschwitz

Should We Have the 'Right to Be Forgotten' Online?

Europe's highest court is giving a little bit more power back to the people. On Tuesday, the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg ruled that in some cases, Google must grant users ...

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Audio Essay: A Poignant Warning from The Past

Writer Stefan Zweig tried to warn the world about the future, but he gave up and committed suicide in 1942 as the world was engulfed in the flames of World War II. As tensions continu...

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Ukrainian Journalists Navigate the Fog of War

For Ukrainian journalists in the middle of it all, political pressure and violence plague their quest to tell the stories of the Ukrainian people, and the future of the nation.

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Sleepy New Mexico Towns See Oil Boom

The oil boom of the southwestern United States has rapidly transformed Hobbs, New Mexico and other once-sleepy towns into the stereotypical boom towns. But the environmental impacts a...

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Michael Jackson Resurrected in New Album

Michael Jackson died in 2009, but for the second time since then, the King of Pop has a set of new songs coming out. The album, Xscape, goes on sale today, and features demos of unrel...


Using Innovation to Fight Environmental Catastrophe

Not everyone believes that we're doomed when it comes to climate change, and one of those hopeful few is Robert Bryce. He says that innovation is the key to future global prosperity, ...

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Tracing An Ill-Fated Voyage to Escape the Nazis

Today marks the 75th anniversary of a ship setting sail. It's a ship you probably haven't heard of, but one that tells an important and dark story about our country's past.

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