Seattle Labor Dispute Causes Boeing to Take Flight

Monday, November 25, 2013

A Boeing 747 taking off. (B747/Shutterstock)

Earlier this month, Boeing machinists in Seattle refused a new contract. Now, Boeing is looking for a new location to build the 777x, in a place where unions have less of a foothold. State and local leaders in half a dozen states, including Alabama, California, and South Carolina have already started wooing the company for production of the 777x.

Washington State is still lobbying to keep 777x production at home. But Aviation Industry Analyst Scott Hamilton explains why the state expects a lot of outside competition and what this means for American labor overall.


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I agree with Jim from Everett..the idea that Boeing is trying to save money, is the biggest farce in industry today. Ask Mr. Hamilton how much they saved building the "Dreamliner" with parts from around the world…an unmitigated management disaster, fixed and made better by the Everett Union workforce. This business is one of the most subsidized industries in the country, and they still blame the people who actually put the plane together.
The politicians and union leaders came together to get the " the friendly subsidies" that they figured Boeing would be happy with. Like a typical greedy multinational company, they took the gift, and turned it into a fish and slapped all of us with it's stinky head. The bigger problem here, is not, that Seattle is turning into a non-union "tech center", it is the idea, that because of a few greedy stockholders, the risk of ruining the economy in the State of Washington is to them, worth it.

Nov. 25 2013 01:53 PM
Jim Gillan from everett WA

Scott Hamilton is an apologist for the aviation industry and makes his living by telling stake holders what they want to hear. You are an independent source and owe those people nothing and you mislead you audience by spreading his company line. Get on the phone to Seattle or read what is on the internet about Boeing and it's deteriorating relationship with its employees and the community. Otherwise you should take 'welcome to the American conversation'off of your masthead.

Nov. 25 2013 09:40 AM

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