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Monday, May 05, 2014

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No two book clubs are alike. What makes yours one-of-a-kind? As part of a new reading series, The Takeaway is showcasing unique book clubs from around the country.

Nominate your book club below to be featured on the show and take part in our reading series. If your club is selected, we’ll assign you a book, profile your members, and air your discussion. The conversation starts in June.

If you don’t have a club and still want to participate, you can take part by texting BOOKCLUB to 69866. Standard data and messaging rates may apply. You can text the word STOP if you'd like to opt-out.

Takeaway Producer and book critic Mythili Rao shares a preview of the new and upcoming books we'll be asking listeners to discuss in the coming months.

Check out all of our book selections here.



Mythili Rao


T.J. Raphael

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vicky see

Feel compelled to share that I love the book club segment. Once a month for 12 minutes doesn't seem like too much time to lose. I read Sleep Donation in preparation and am looking forward to the next one as well.

Jul. 17 2014 05:28 PM
EI from SF Bay

Wow... here I was, sooo happy that the World Cup is over and we can have real news again, and here's what we get: lit crit by soccer moms on a sci fi novel?!? This segment was worse than boring, it was painful. Had to turn the radio off.

Jul. 16 2014 04:02 PM

How about a book club centered on This is a free online collection of works in the public domain (out of copyright), read by volunteers. The latter produces some variation in quality, but most of the great works before and of the 19th century and earlier 20th century are now available, as well as increasing numbers of lesser works, in all genres. (I finally finished Moby Dick, and it was totally rewarding!)

For those with some reading impediment, this can be a less laborious approach to really neat stuff. It can be nice to have someone reading you a story as you go to sleep. It can be nice to take notes as you pause. Mostly, it can be nice to walk, or sit, and contemplate as you allow yourself to give your attention over to the text, instead of the usual worries and mundanities of the day.

I don't propose to organize this book group, but I would be glad to hear of it happening. It would have value.

Jun. 27 2014 09:17 AM
Susan Little from San Francisco Bay Area

John: Love your show, but the book segment is just awful. I was so bored today I switched to another PBS channel. It just doesn't work unless everyone has read the book. It's like listening to gossip about somebody you don't know -- just no impact.

Please rethink this use of your time. Your show is generally so interesting. Thanks,


Jun. 12 2014 12:05 AM
anne buckley from San Francisco

Listening to a long segment discussing a book that I've never read -- and probably 99.9% of your audience has not read -- was extraordinarily boring. How is it that you judge that it would be of interest to anyone who hasn't read the book? Surely there are more interesting things to report about than that. The world is full of fascinating places, people and events. Is this the best you can come up with to fill valuable broadcast time?

Jun. 11 2014 08:44 PM
Laura Matson Hahn from New Hope, PA

For an inspirational, soul-seeking and historic book featuring Modern-day Heart Science and the Original Bohemians Circa 3000 BCE - Consider THE HEART CODE: A Novel. "Follow Your Heart" The universe whispers ... but who ever shows you how? Meet Gamma Howe, a wise, bohemian born grandmother whose last wish is to help her only granddaugher follow her own truth, rather than succumb to her mother's grandiose plans for her future ....

May. 12 2014 01:53 PM
Laura from USA

I definitely agree with previous user that you should feature "2AM At The Cat's Pajamas" by Marie-Helene Bertino! Thank you for your time.

May. 04 2014 03:32 PM
ben from New York

I think you should feature Marie-Helene Bertino's "2 A.M. AT THE CAT'S

May. 04 2014 03:28 PM
Jennifer Yanco from Boston

With increasing public discussion of economic inequality and racial disparities, a review of Martin Luther King Jr's messages is a welcome addition to the conversation. This short book, Misremembering Dr. King: Revisiting the Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr., is a great introduction to Dr. King's ideas for turning things around. By Jennifer Yanco, published by Indiana University Press.

May. 02 2014 03:17 PM
msjacque from Florida

Love this idea. this book may be interesting too. it is about a natural disaster in Florida's near future.

May. 02 2014 02:00 PM
Ronald Fischman from Philadelphia

...what love is, the novel
89,000 word contemporary literary fiction

Rafi and Dimitri met on an Israeli collective farm as young men, and have been friends for a quarter century. Then they both find Frida.
Frida’s theater company shot to prominence, and led to her further success as an entrepreneur. But she can’t fill the hole left when her mother abandoned the family in Puebla, Mexico. Now a personal disaster sends Frida running to the great El Norte to drink herself to death out of sight of her son. When she lands in the lives of the two men, one will claim the broken trophy – but will either man save Frida from herself?
The conscious effort to keep the stories of Dimitri, Rafi, and Frida speaking in recognizably separate voices puts this book in the literary column, but the characters will appeal to a hip, multicultural, mainstream audience as well.
Like Dimitri and Rafi, author Ron Fischman has been a professional musician and a teacher. Fischman also has been a cantor and a father, like Rafi. In addition to placing his poetry in numerous magazines, including New Mirage Journal, TUCK, and First North American Review, his chapbook My Book of Days has been accepted for publication by Finishing Line Press. ...what love is also lives as a chapbook. In addition to some lingering doubts as to the Answers to the Great Question, a minor character – Rafi’s son – already has his own story as Ezra the Dream-Traveller. As a day job, Fischman is a freelance ghost writer and editor, with more than a dozen books in print or in preparation.
Thanks for your time and consideration.
Ronald Fischman

May. 02 2014 12:26 PM

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