GOP Suffers in Polls Over Budget Battle Tactics

Thursday, October 17, 2013

A woman protesting the government shutdown. October 4, 2013. (AFL/CIO/Facebook)

The shutdown may be over, and the debt ceiling raised for now, but the effects of the last two weeks could be long-lasting—both economically and politically.

Americans are not happy with the shutdown and they are blaming Republicans—at least that’s what the latest polling data suggests.

Gary Langer runs Langer Research Associates, a nonpartisan polling group that directs polling for ABC News. He explains the latest findings.


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Angel from Miami FL

The Tea Party is a third party. It is NOT part of the Republican party and RNC members need to realize this and quick. Continued association with the Tea Party will slowly turn the Republican Party into a political group of little consequence.

The Tea Party has a life span of no more than 20 years. That covers the time between baby boomers' retirement and their political swan song. At which point the 40 year old Tea Party politicians will loose their base and become more moderate - or more "Southern".

Oct. 17 2013 02:16 PM

Polling is interesting. Sometimes it appears to be like, statistics: Anything can be proven depending how it's read, and where/who's polled....

But, Jerry-Mandered districts are a super problem - but truly - I believe if everyone in those districts were to vote they would be more balanced. It's the silent majority, uninspired Americans that need to find their voice, and political will.

I think they had the promise of it when Obama ran and won, but then he was attacked by Tea Party Birthers, and other demeaning/defeating attitudes by single-minded, seemingly powerful people. That turned off those new voters. Corporations, and money are powerful advisories up against an individual - at least it may appear so. Hopefully the MAJORITY of Americans will win in the long run.

Oct. 17 2013 02:12 PM

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