Congress Pushes for Medicare S.G.R. Reform

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

This year, Congress is determined to find a permanent solution for the dysfunctional Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate, otherwise known as the S.G.R.

Enacted as part of the Balanced Budget Act of 1997,the S.G.R. was intended to restrain Medicare’s spending on physician services, but it hasn’t exactly worked as planned. Health care costs have continued to rise and an S.G.R. spending target has never been met.

Instead, every year a temporary "doc-fix" is implemented, in order to pay doctors without enforcing mandated cuts.

But now, lawmakers in Washington are resolved to cook up a permanent fix for how doctors are paid for treating Medicare patients.

Joining The Takeaway to explain is Jennifer Haberkorn, health care reporter for Politico, and Dr. Reid Blackwelder, president oft he American Academy of Family Physicians.


Dr. Reid Blackwelder and Jennifer Haberkorn

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Greg Krivchenia from Ohio Valley

I listened to your discussion about the "doc fix" yesterday concerning budgetary concerns. Your guests and you miss the real solution to this healthcare morass--IR (Individual responsibility). Until patients are held accountable for their poor healthcare habits, NOTHING will help to contain healthcare costs. When talking about good quality outcomes for physicians, they will only treat patients who are healthy. That could lead to most of us, without access to "good" quality healthcare.

Jan. 01 2014 12:52 PM

The "Doc Fix" scheme was central to the passage of ObamaCare. Not just the S.G.R. doc fix, but a whole code of such budgetary games. A series of lies, piled on a giant gimmick, seasoned with special interest bribes and rammed through on a 100% partisan vote.

Dec. 31 2013 12:35 PM

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