Art of the Assassination: JFK and the Art That His Death Inspired

Friday, November 15, 2013

An image portraying former First Lady Jackie Kennedy as the "second shooter" in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy (Michal Lisowski)

In the 50 years since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, people have found themselves horrified, fascinated and mystified by the story. Some have explored those feelings through writing, others though film and music.

In recognition of the 50th anniversary of the assassination, KERA News is presenting an ongoing series on how artists have responded to JFK’s death.

Jerome Weeks, Art & Seek Producer and Reporter at KERA in Dallas, joins The Takeaway to explain how the Kennedy assassination lives on in pop culture.


Jerome Weeks

Produced by:

Kristen Meinzer


T.J. Raphael

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buddy from nyc

It's the early 1960's, JFK Administration.
A certain middle eastern country has been pursuing a secret Illegal WMD program since the late fifties.
CIA discovers covert program and Kennedy threatens US sanctions. This middle eastern nation has powerful friends in the US/Washington lobbying Congress and financing it's interests but they are not registered as foreign agents. Kennedy asks US justice dept. to demand registration of those groups as foreign lobbyists. The now Paranoid middle eastern country sees Kennedy as an existential threat, and has a long history of political assassinations, false flags ops. and connections with US organized crime. Assassins are dispatched, a pasty fall guy is recruited as decoy hit man. He is quickly arrested and silenced just as fast by Jack Ruby, a minor mob/police connected and an ardent supporter of said mid east country. Following JFK,LBJ enters highest office in the land, previously financed by same actors does a 360 degree on sanctions and the registeration of those special interest lobby groups is scuttled . By 1967 the now confident mid eastern nation with 2 crude Nuclear devices as back up, launches a preemptive attack on three of it's neighbors, capturing large swaths of territory and starts to expel thousands of civilians as in previous campaigns . The ever compliant LBJ manages to whitewash that nations attack on an American ship, USS Liberty on June,8,1967 during hostilities. Assigned to sham investigation, Admiral McCain, Sen. John McCain's father, would take only a week to conclude hearings that saw 34 US sailors slaughtered in cold blood by said nation in international waters.

Nov. 19 2013 06:20 PM
anna from tx

I was a third grader attending Catholic School in a Philadelphia suburb. The nuns began to cry and we were dismissed within minutes. I recall being terrified in the time it took to walk home and when I found my mother crying too.

Nov. 15 2013 04:00 PM
Laurie from Princeton

I was in fifth grade, just shy of 11 years old. I remember my teacher crying; men weren't supposed to cry and I was confused. I think we were sent home early. It impacted me more in the reactions of other people than in any of my own, because I really didn't understand. I had been more affected by the Cuban Missile crisis because I had a very specific fear of atomic bombs, I thought the world was going to end, and I was frightened. (Anyone who thinks the fifties were a "safe and secure" time to grow up just wasn't there). The assassination was less cataclysmic in its potential, as far as I understood then.

Nov. 15 2013 03:49 PM
Oscar Maldonado from Ny

How about this for art,..I read from some illuminatis that that dreadful day of assanitation of JFK supposedly was orchestrated by no other than George h bush and Hoover the Zionist regime and the young son George w bush was supposedly the second shooter.. This was an offering to iblis because JFK had a big mouth.. 322

Nov. 15 2013 03:34 PM
Michael Taylor from Marion MA

I was Chief Officer on a British merchant vessel at the time. We had just left the Panama Canal and set course for Brisbane in Australia. I had my short wave radio on watch with me and I heard the news via the BBC. Called the radio room next to the bridge for the radio officer to get the news from the States which he did....a sad day.

Nov. 15 2013 02:48 PM
Cindy Rosenbaum from Goldens Bridge, NY

I remember 11/22/63, my 10th birthday, very vividly. My clearest memory though, as an immature 10 year old, is of hearing the news over the loudspeaker in my 5th grade classroom, on that fateful Friday afternoon. I'm very embarrassed to say that I thought it was a joke, that this couldn't possibly be happening on my birthday, and I started to laugh. Only later, at home, seeing my parents glued to the TV the entire weekend, my mother in tears nonstop, and my birthday party cancelled that year, did I begin to realize the full import of the day. I think about that day very often, and I feel that that day of my 10th birthday was a dividing line between childhood and adolescence for me.

Nov. 15 2013 02:06 PM
Mike Simmons from North Little Rock, Ar.

I was in the second grade on Nov. 22, 1963, and Mrs. Hall, our teacher, was called out of the room to the office. When she came back, we could see she had been crying, so I asked her what was wrong. She said, "Mr. Kennedy has been shot." There was a teacher at the high school named Mr. Kennedy, so we didn't know if there had a been a shooting at the high school. Mrs. Hall told us it was President Kennedy who had been shot in Texas (where we were). Our school was in a rural town and many kids road buses each day, so school couldn't be dismissed early. Our regular studies were done for the day and Mrs. Hall read to us about Abraham Lincoln. I remember that night my mother and I watching TV until after midnight when we watched Oswald's "press conference."

Nov. 15 2013 01:22 PM
Larry Fisher from Brooklyn, N.Y.

I buy out estates. Years ago I bought an amazing Jazz record collection from a man who died from an overdose of heroin. He also had thousands of books on the Kennedy conspiracy. He even had a "Who's Who In The CIA."
I always wondered if he read the conspiracy books and then had to chill out with heroin and Jazz records. Every box had a needle in it.

Nov. 15 2013 01:09 PM
Ginger Edwards from Portland, Oregon

I remember the JFK assassination clearly. I was a junior in High School. Our Principle got the whole student body outside and had us surround the flagpole. He told us President Kennedy had been shot and was dead. We were stunned. He asked us for a moment of silence. We all looked up as the Flag was brought to half-staff. It was very sobering Then we went back to class. I'm sure not much else got done that day.

Nov. 15 2013 01:03 PM
MermaidD from Chelsea, NY

That afternoon, Principal Sister Mary dePaul came over the PA system and with shaky voice announced to us at Incarnation School in Hollis, Queens that the president had been shot. That is all we knew. Did not know if his was still alive.
She proceeded to instruct teachers to take grades 5 to 8 to Incarnation Church for prayers at 2:00pm. Students were to bring their book bags and prepare to go home from there. Grades 1 to 4 were instructed to do the same @ 2:45pm and parents would be advised to pick up their children at the church. I was ten years old. I didn’t know anything about politics, but certainly knew that JFK was our president and that this was an extremely important, serious event. The other students must have realized this as well, since we marched to the church in complete silence without having to be told by our nuns and teachers. I saw a tear roll down the cheek of my teacher, Sister Edwardine.
Sister Mary dePaul’s voice and announcement still ring in my ears.

Nov. 15 2013 10:38 AM
antonio from baySIde

John, I hope there will be some balance in terms of what others think happened in Dallas.

There are some valid questions which have never been answered.

Where is the Presidents brain, which is paramount to knowing the trajectory of the bullet...

There was no gun-powder blowback/residue on his Oswald's face, which would occur if you fired a rifle.

The limo was immediately rebuilt destroying evidence which was paramount.

I am not trying to be one-sided but the way these segments have been put together has been subpar.
It has taken a unsolved moment in US history and kind of made it analogous to talking about 'MADMEN' on monday morning.

Nov. 15 2013 09:55 AM

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