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Monday, September 16, 2013 - 11:21 AM

The Takeaway bike haiku challenge will be giving away 10 bicycle helmets with the show's official logo. Together the judges will select their 10 favorite haikus—the writers will have their poem read on air and receive this exclusive helmet. 

A special thanks to Charlie McCorkell, owner of Bicycle Habitat in New York City, for donating the helmets for this contest.

Visit Bicycle Habitat to learn more about the shop and the products they sell.


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luxury car hire london from London,UK

Thanks very much for your interesting post.It is definitely interesting and worth reading. I like the new design and info graphic.

Nov. 15 2013 02:04 AM
LInda Budan from Newberg, OR

Why aren't we calling these wonderful submissions "BAIKU's" ???? (pronounced "Bi - Ku")

Sep. 20 2013 03:37 PM
Austin from Portland

As a reply to DS:

Maybe walkers and drivers have a higher brain injury count than cyclists because there are far, far more walkers and drivers in the world? I don't know how the report was done, and I'm not going to ask John Pucher of Rutgers.

When I'm on my bike, there are times when I am going 30+ MPH. It's just me out there, no airbag, no protective reinforced doors... I'm going to wear a helmet. Even just last week, some bonehead drove his car into the bike lane and slammed on the brakes. I was SO close to smashing into him, but (thankfully) I just got new brakes and stopped about inch from his rear bumper. I'm a good cyclist, but there are so many other boneheads out there.

Two weeks ago I witnessed a cyclist go down in the rain. She smashed her head on the ground so hard that she was unconscious for 7 or 8 minutes. And yes, she was wearing a helmet. I don't understand the weird anti-helmet cyclists out. Yeah, you probably won't wreck and hit your head. But if you do, don't you want to be protecting your brain? Just like I probably won't wreck in my car, but I wear a seatbelt. My 2-year old probably won't drink household cleaners, but I still lock the cabinet.

Sep. 17 2013 12:37 PM
Moab biker from Moab, Utah

Thanks for doing this, I LOVE the graphics and the trend! The more people we get onto bikes and out of cars, the less car/bike dangerous interactions. I envision two-lane roads of the future being one lane for cars, one for bikes. The cars will need to creep along and wait for a gap in the bikers to go around on-coming cars. Six-lane freeways will be two lanes for cars and 4 for bikes, wheelchairs, and horses!

Sep. 16 2013 07:28 PM

So you celebrate the growth of biking in the U.S., with all of the attendant health benefits and environmental benefits. Yet you imply that biking is so dangerous that a protective crash helmet must be worn! Are you trying to scare away this hopeful trend?

Look up the brain injury counts for drivers, walkers and bikers. Biking has always had by far the lowest count. Despite the hype, ordinary riding has never been a real risk of brain injury. It is safer per mile than walking - ask John Pucher of Rutgers.

So how about offering pedestrian helmets for your next contest prize? How about motorist helmets? Because the seat belts and air bags are still leaving motoring as by far the number one cause of transportation brain injury.

Sep. 16 2013 12:26 PM

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