Why Sisters Make Siblings Happier

Monday, November 01, 2010

sisters, children (Natia Koiava/flickr)

Recent studies highlight all kinds of benefits from having an affectionate sister. According to researchers, people with sisters are less likely to feel like "nobody loves me" or "unhappy, sad or depressed."  So what’s so special about having a sister?


Deborah Tannen, a professor of linguistics at Georgetown University and the author of “You Were Always Mom’s Favorite! Sisters in Conversation Throughout Their Lives,” offers us some theories. She recently wrote an essay in The New York Times called “Why Sisterly Chats Make People Happier.” Thalia A-M Bruehl shares her experience of becoming a younger sister in adolescence when her family adopted an older girl. Her article, “From Only Child to Sister,” was published in Babble.

Check out what Takeaway listeners had to say about their sisters here.


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Al williams

Date 02/26/13

Date of inerview 11/01/10
Why sisters make siblings happier

It don't say who's giving the interview but is on a radio station call TheTake Away. Deborah Tannen ;research on sisters making siblings happier.
She questions like how do sisters make you feel happy. And what do they talk about and how is the relationship between each sister .
What is it about sister hood that make life happy,there some thang you can talk a bout with your sister than just talking to anybody.
Talk about a difficult issue that you feel comparable talking to your sister. With an sister you can talk about anything like silly conversations and someone to joke around with. That sister will always be in your life. So the main point deborah's Tannen tried to get to what would it be like with a sister in your life.
And how wouldbit make you fill .

Feb. 27 2013 10:27 PM
Natia Koiava from NYC

Hi, great photo. I wish you asked before using it.

Nov. 07 2010 12:42 AM
Angel from Miami, FL

Juliana Hatfield's song rocked (quietly). They only way MTV would ever play that song nowadays would be as the soundtrack to an Olsen twins reality show.

Nov. 01 2010 11:13 AM
DeLorie Belanger from New Hampshire

Interesting topic...This made me yearn for a better relationship with my own sister.

Nov. 01 2010 09:43 AM
Angel from Miami, FL

When I was a kid I wanted a sister - I begged! All the boys who had sisters were friendlier and more comfortable with themselves. The only difference between me and them, living-wise, was the presence of a sister. Instead I got two brothers. It was like living in the Thunderdome.

Nov. 01 2010 09:37 AM

My Sister by Juliana Hatfield

Nov. 01 2010 08:59 AM

what was that song? I want to send it to my sisters.

Nov. 01 2010 08:53 AM

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