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Thursday, October 28, 2010 - 04:18 PM

After months of debate and millions spent in campaign cash, your moment of decision is finally coming. Help us capture the mood on election day: Cast your vote, then answer this one simple question: How do you feel?

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iPhone submission from Eric Soloway in New York:

iPhone submission from Robert Prouse in New York:

iPhone submission from Mike Nordstrome in Auburn, Mass.:

Cory Zanin in Minneapolis, Minn.

My voting line in Minneapolis.

Cathy Cherewick - Plymouth, Mi

Hope and Change? I feel like we have a better chance for all of that with this election than we did two years ago. I think Michigan has an excellent chance to rebuild once Rick Snyder takes the helm. It will get better now!  

A polling place in Miami, Fla.
Scott from Miami, Fla.

There was no line. I was in and out in ten minutes. Here in South Florida, there is early voting. We get the chance to wait in a three hour line, to avoid no line on election day!

Dean Bandes in Newton, Mass.

Newton MA ward 6 pct 6. I was ballot #173 at 8:14 AM. A neighbor, poll worker for decades, said turnout has been heavy. Feeling: optimistic

Why no photos inside?!


Richard Schiff

Fort Lee, NJ: very few people voting in the area of only houses.

Mathew in New York

View of my polling station on West 97th Street (District 21, Upper West Side). I arrived before 7 pm and it was like gridlock. Many people came without pens and there wasn't any pen in my privacy booth. On the whole I don't think we gained much with this new system. Why can't they design a system that is as simple and intuitive to use as an ATM??!!!

Judy in New Jersey

Just voted in my very safely Democratic district (Congressman Donald Payne ran virtually unopposed). Wish I could say the same for the rest of the country. Turnout appears higher than usual for a midterm election.

Delray Beach, Fla.

This "Voter's Guide" was placed outside a polling place where my son goes to preschool. It lists only the Republican/Tea Party candidates. It is a paid political advertisement, according to the (very) small print at the bottom.

Jessica Hammer, Davie, Fla.

I was so excited to vote today that I had my husband snap a photo after we cast our ballots. I became a US citizen this January at the age of 27 so I have never voted in a political election before. It felt a little bit like taking a test, but no matter the outcome, I will always feel more invested in the democratic process.

Julie Z from Miami, Fla.
Annmaria Rankis, New Rochelle, NY

I just voted and it was very easy. I do have two concerns. First, the elderly or someone with shaky hand (Parkinson) may have difficulty filling out the ballot. The second is privacy. I was able to see other ballots while looking for an empty "privacy booth". When I went to cast the ballot, the poll worker was sitting right next to the machine and was able to see my ballot. My first attempt at casting the vote was rejected and the poll worker stood next to me and watch me re-cast it. AnnMaria Rankis New Rochelle, NY

Democrats holding signs in front of Worcester MA Ward 10 Precincts 1 & 3
Charles Washburn from Worcester, Mass.

Democrats holding signs in front of Worcester Mass., Ward 10, Precincts 1 & 3

Voting just before 9:30am, the polling place seemed busier than any other time I've voted here in 5 years. First time I've ever had to wait for a voting booth
Brian Christiansen from Medford, Mass.

Voting just before 9:30am, the polling place seemed busier than any other time I've voted here in 5 years. First time I've ever had to wait for a voting booth. (Higher-res photo & GPS available:


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Comments [15]

Mary from Richmond Hill, Queens, NY

Angry! Did any one notice that when you signed in they gave you this little white card with your name and # on it - they wrote the number of your paper ballot on that card! Whatever happened to the sanctaty of the voting booth? If they have to go to the paper ballots they know know exactly who we voted for!!!! Not to mention, NYC gave a permit to film a TV show across from my polling place today. The production vehicles completely surounded the polling place blocking all available parking for two blocks. Elderly and the handicaped had to dodge traffic for blocks to get in to vote!

Nov. 02 2010 05:55 PM
Andrew from Stuyvesant Town

The set up at my voting place was totally illegal. Election workers stationed themselves literally 1 foot from the voting machines, which themselves were pointed at everybody waiting in line - not toward the wall. There was no privacy at all. Workers refused to move even when told to do so by the person in charge. And no police in the room - also illegal. And all of this ignores the serious problems with the company (ES&S) whose machines the City is using (see: , for example)

Nov. 02 2010 12:20 PM
claudia brink from upper west side

NYC voting system is STILL a disorganized mess. 9 districts vote in a single room, where six folks in line fill the room to capacity, let alone wheelchairs, walkers or strollers. All signage is at knee level or lower. Every vote still requires manual sign in and the dreaded manual index card. Of 30+ poll workers, perhaps 5 performed actual work. The only person functioning was the NYC police officer who decided to manage all of the (totally unmarked) lines. It took me 45 minutes to vote in the middle of the day at the least busy time. The machines have changed but the process still lacks even the least attention to traffic flow, efficiency, basic crowd management. Most depressing.

Nov. 02 2010 11:05 AM
rsquared from Westchester

After marking the sheet I turned over the sheet to insert into the reader. The black marks showed through on the back. Anyone could see how I voted.

Nov. 02 2010 11:03 AM
Dan from New York NY

I'm a Democrat & will vote as such Except in the race for Gov. I'm voting Green, Howie Hawkins, for Gov. of New York.

Nov. 02 2010 09:51 AM
Dan Johnson (by text) from Tannersville, Penn.

My polling place was very empty in Tannersville PA Frost visible everywhere!

Nov. 02 2010 09:50 AM
Karla Harby (by text) from Long Beach, NY

I just voted in Long Beach, LI, NY, where polls had a short wait (2 min or so) to vote. :)
Campaign signs illegally placed right next to the entrance! Polls co-coordinator says she didn't know. Together we removed them by the time we'd finished voting, the signs returned, this time at the very edge of 100 feet limit. So I just took them home with me for disposal. Also, poll worker watches as everbody gets ballot scanned. I asked her, face up or down? She said it doesn't matter, which is true. I would have preferred if she had said, Face down is fine.

Nov. 02 2010 09:48 AM
Elizabeth Wooten (by text) from Beaufort , SC

I feel hopeful which is a refreshing change.

Nov. 02 2010 09:44 AM
Ron from metro Detroit

No problems at my polling station. Only problems are with my choices. Don't love the Democrats but I fear the Republican-Tea Party and their conservative social agenda. Until Republicans drop social conservatives I will vote straight party Democrat.

Nov. 02 2010 09:11 AM
Jennifer from Glen Cove, NY

At my always quiet polling station on Long Island, an "election observer" from the local Republican committee was walking through the church hall talking loudly on his cell phone to report an "irregularity" related to signage. We're a very Republican district so his behavior seemed odd, as though he assumed he was surrounded by non-Republicans and hostiles. It was just bizarre.

We did convert to paper ballots / scanners this year, so I found the process much slower than in former years.

Nov. 02 2010 09:05 AM
Jackie from Hastings on Hudson, NY

My husband just called from our polling place in Hastings on Hudson, Westchester, NY. Optical scanners not working. He cast an emergency paper ballot, as were many people at the polling place who needed to vote and get to work. I'm one of those awful state workers feeding at the public trough, so I've got the day off. I'll try voting later in the day and we'll see if things are up and running.

Nov. 02 2010 08:42 AM
Mark Houston from Ferndale, Mi

After the last month of mud slinging ads, I walk into my polling place, held my nose , cast my vote. Now I need a nice long hot shower to wash off all the negativity....

Nov. 02 2010 08:32 AM
Chris from Morristown, NJ

I just finished voting in Morristown, NJ. Had a very easy experience. Polling people were friendly and knowledgeable.

I feel torn, I don't feel I like my selection. I don't feel I like the options available. Not happy with any of the choices that are being presented to me as a voter.

Nov. 02 2010 08:12 AM
Peyton from Atlanta, Ga.

I'm not sure about how I feel, after all the political ads, the bantering back and forth. I'm very disgusted and frustrated. I'm very unsure and am very frustrated.

Nov. 02 2010 08:04 AM
Robert L. Wilson from Burrton, Kansas

I voted last week. I feel scared and frustrated. Scared because the Republican wave this year is an ultra-conservative tsunami in Kansas, where I live. Sam Brownback is a right-wing extremist, who scares me to death, and who is certain to be our nextg governor I am frustrated about things at the national level. With such extremism on both sides of the aisle, especially on the right, the political center has become a no-man's land, and anyone venturing there will get shot down by their own side. Compromise is dead. Long live gridlock! I used to consider myself a centrist Republican, I now vote Libertarian. Thank You!

Nov. 01 2010 10:47 PM

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