Obama Voters from 2008 Revisit Their Choice

Friday, October 29, 2010

They voted for Obama in 2008. Two years later, things have changed. Pat Gallagher from Louisville, Alice Craft-Kerney from New Orleans, and Illya Davis from Atlanta join us to talk about their feelings about President Obama at the halfway mark of his first term.  


Alice Craft-Kerney, Illya Davis and Patrick Gallagher

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Rick Evans from Nannywealth of Taxachusetts

Erratic, John? I would hardly call Pat Gallagher erratic for flipping on Barack Obama. It's no surprise to me that he mentioned the health insurance law as a big reason for his disappointment with Obama.

The law ignores the biggest problem with the American health care system namely we have out of control medical cost inflation, we spend double per person what other industrial nations spend on health care while covering only 85% of th population.

The only part of this problem the congress has addressed with ObamaCare is covering the uninsured.

Even worse all of the "improvements" put in place with the law, shielding people from the cost of preventive care, eliminating lifetime limits, allowing providers to continue their opaque pricing models, forcing medical insurance subscribers to buy lower deductible, higher benefits policies(like here in Massachusetts) will make cost pressure worse.

I don't know why Obama doesn't just come clean and admit his health insurance law was intended to boost the only industry where he thinks he can stimulate consumption.

Oct. 29 2010 08:26 AM

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