Debating the Constitution, Then and Now

Historian Pauline Maier considers whether the Constitution could be ratified by today's United States

Thursday, October 28, 2010

During the months leading up to the current end-of-campaign-season frenzy, it’s become commonplace for politicians and passionate Americans to invoke the Founding Fathers and the original Constitution. But as recent debates and high profile interviews have demonstrated, a lot of these same people don’t necessarily know the rights and responsibilities that the Constitution secures.

Historian Pauline Maier thinks this is a shame. For the past decade, she’s been researching the history of how the Constitution was framed and ratified. Her research culminated in a book, “Ratification: The People Debate the Constitution 1787-1788.”

Professor Maier shares some of the highlights from the Constitution's history, and tells us if she thinks it could ever be ratified today.



Pauline Maier

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