Young Voters Less Excited This Year

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Barack Obama greets members of the Iowa Students for Obama group on September 9, 2007, during his presidential campaign. (Flickr: Barack Obama)

Two years ago, Barack Obama won the presidency in part by having inspired young people to come out and vote in record numbers. Early indicators say young voters aren't as excited about turning out this year. We hear from students from the University of Pennsylvania on how (and if) they plan to vote.

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Clifton Middleton from Homestead, FL

The young people want Free Market Hemp, that is why we supported Obama, we thought he had enough common sense to end an unconstitutional prohibition against hemp. We want to use industrial hemp to grow a resource that can replace foriegn oil, yes we can. We want to use hemp medically, oh I know the pharmaceutical drug pushers are mad and we want to use hemp recreational just like our founding fathers did. Thomas Jefferson was a strong advocate and user of hemp. He wrote the Declaration of Independence on hemp paper. We used hemp to obtain economic independence and can do it again. 100 million citizens know that hemp is a great resource, who represents us? Join me, George Washington and the young folks and tell Obama, "Plant It Everywhere". Forget taxes and budget cuts, Let's Grow Some Money

Oct. 26 2010 06:14 PM

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