Typhoon's Devastation in Manila

Monday, October 05, 2009

Observers say the high winds and heavy rain that have ravaged Manila have caused more damage than Hurricane Katrina did to New Orleans. Tropical storm Ketsana (locally called Ondoy) hit Manila last month, driving over 80,000 families out of their homes and into evacuation centers on higher ground. To hear what it's currently like in Manila, we talk to Patricia Hizon-Bermudez, a Filipina TV reporter and relief worker currently on the ground there.

"All their clothes are soiled, all their clothes wet, so they're waiting for relief. So you have men wearing blazers for women, you have men wearing cocktail dresses. Anything that will keep them dry for the night."
—Patricia Hizon-Bermudez, a Filipina TV reporter and relief worker in Manila, on the people displaced by the Typhoon


Patricia Hizon-Bermudez

Produced by:

Abbie Fentress Swanson


Hsi-Chang Lin

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