TV documentary offers an unusually close look at prestigious "Hopkins" hospital

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Terence Wrong is the producer and executive producer of the ABC News documentary series "Hopkins," which gives viewers an intimate look at life and death and work inside Baltimore's John Hopkins Hospital. The six-part program was shot over four months, and premieres Thursday night.
Guest: Terence Wrong


Corey Takahashi

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Imelda Fagin

I watched a recent episode where an elderly man fell down and had bleeding in the brain. The young doctor goes to his wife and says he needs immediate surgery for the bleeding or else he will die (maybe she didn't say die but she implied it).
Then, after the stunned and grieving wife gives permission, the doctor says to the camera that in all likelihood the man will have a 'bad outcome' even with the operation. But that's not her concern right now. Her concern is to save his life.
Maybe that's not HER concern but it might have been his concern or his wife's concern if she had taken the few extra minutes to explain that fact.

Jul. 23 2008 09:48 AM

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