Turkish-made shoe lives in infamy, Turkish shoemaker adds jobs

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Baydan Shoe Company, the Turkey-based shoe manufacturer that made the infamous footwear hurled at President Bush earlier this month, has seen such a high demand in shoes that the company has added one hundred new jobs. The shoes are flying off the shelves...
"Now we call it the Bye-Bye Bush shoe."
— Omer Bogatekin on the famous shoe


Omer Bogatekin


Andrew Bowman and Kent DePinto

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I was surprised and dissapointed in your interview on Baydan Shoes this morning. Frankly it was beneath you.
The gentleman you interviwed sells shoes; your questions on what makes this shoe particularly suitable for throwing and what were his thoughts on the morality of making shoes to throw (I think you used the word "incite") were silly at best and not the up to the standards I expect from NPR.

Dec. 23 2008 09:35 AM

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