Why Are Poor People Poor?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Yesterday, we talked about poverty in America. Some Takeaway listeners shared their own views on poverty in America — what perpetuates it, and how to get out of it.

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Rowland Huddleston from Nashville, TN

As usual the answer is Both And.
Our society is a poverty creating and self maintaining engine and also; it is learned behavior.

Here are a few reasons that people are locked in poverty:

In Nashville, most homeless people work some each week out of day-work businesses sited down town.

Most would work full time but the employment office is a bus ride away. Then one must pay for two more rides ($1.50) to apply for any jobs. Then, one must be able to pay for bus fare to and from work until the first pay day.

A car costs insurance and gas and repairs or about $1,500 per year.

Single parents loose jobs when called out of work for children sick at school too many times.

Education, the path out of poverty is closed for many, especially single parents because all energy is expended on survival. Higher ed costs money and time. If a single parent does not have extended family for support: grandma, or aunts etc. there is no time for further education.

And yes perhaps living in dangerous neighborhoods may encourage us to learn survival skills that are not as successful in the larger society. And perhaps survival techniques have higher priority and are harder to edit than other learning.

Just a few reasons why we create andkeep a large under class.

Oct. 19 2010 10:03 AM
wolfmann from Okc

It might have something to do with greed in people pulling them away from a moral obligation ,to use thier money as a tool to help the poor. Jesus was a scholar ,he said we will always have the poor ,that means there will be selfish people that are going to take thier money with them. The government loves these people. The gift of salvation is free ,the price of ice water in hell is more than you got.

Oct. 19 2010 10:01 AM
Rowland Huddleston from Nashville, TN

In Nashville,The employment office is a bus ride away from down town and most jobs are another two rides $1.50 away. Owning a car requires noney for insurance and gas. Getting a job requires an address and a phone so potential employers can call you for interviews.

Meanwhile, most poor people are spending all their time working, trying to survive, Higher education costs money and tekes time from earning money. Single parents nee=d all their time not working to care for their kids and are thus locked out of higher education. Most homeless people work day labor at least three days a week. They work out of day-work places down town and would work more if there were more work to do.

Single parents loose jobs when called to school for sick children.

Poor neighborhoods are dangerous and require different skills than survival in the larger society. And, it is difficult to change the survival portion of the brain,
Here are just a few reasons people are locked in poverty.

Oct. 19 2010 08:43 AM
dr dave from New York City

This take away is a glaring example of what the problem is. Talking monkey's (ie; human animals) cannot and / or will not "see" what the problem is. There are too many talking monkeys on the Earth. It's not complexity silly. It's volume. How do you plan to feed 9 billion talking monkeys? If we stayed at a cap of one billion humans none of these "problems" would have even occurred. Do the simple math 9 billion times 150 pounds each = how much water? How many fish? How many trees? - dr dave in New York City

Oct. 19 2010 08:39 AM

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