The Sweet Side of Bankruptcy: The other Fannie May — the Chicago-based confectioner — has had its own ups and downs

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The mortgage giant Fannie Mae is in the spotlight this week, but there is another Fannie May that has had its own share of business woes: The Chicago-based confectioner Fannie May. We go down the company’s rocky road with David Greising. He’s the chief business correspondent for The Chicago Tribune.
Native Chicagoan David Greising, Chief Business Correspondent for the Chicago Tribune, contributor to Chicago Public Radio’s local news show 848


Chelsea Merz

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David J. McCartney

Regarding "The Sweet Side of Bankruptcy", I might suggest that David Greising or any other reporter let the guest actually answer the questions posed. Cutting them off mid-sentence and reading the answer from the fact sheet is not only rude, it isn't reporting. If you need to edit for time or content, do it after the interview, not during it.

Sep. 09 2008 09:21 AM

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