The social trendcasting site tries to forecast the next big thing

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Every year companies spend billions of dollars on market research trying to determine what makes you tick. Now, a new startup says you don't need a focus group to find out what's in -- all you need is a computer and a good pitch.
Guest: Andy Thompson, co-founder, Edopter


Kent DePinto

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Great-- another tool to feed the 'herd mentality' over individual preference (and common sense). Society already has in use far more precise tools for predicting the 'next big thing'. These are wildly succesful at convincing hoards of people to empty their pockets for fear of missing out on the latest trend. It's called the stock exchange, and we all see how effective that's been lately. Society can scarcely benefit from the ability to eagerly track the boom and bust cycles of pink leg warmers....

Sep. 16 2008 08:15 AM

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