Newt Gingrich's Plan for America

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich (Flickr: gageskidmore)

In 1994 during the Republican Revolution, which former House Speaker Newt Gingrich led, the rhetorical artillery of the right was wrapped up in his “Contract with America.” Could a similar rhetoric work this time around?

Republicans are quick to point out that Obama’s party of change hasn’t changed much of anything in the insider-beltway world of Washington. But the rhetorical strategy of the right seems, so far, not to go farther than it did back in the mid-90s.

The "Contract for America" seems to have morphed into Rep. Paul Ryan’s “Roadmap for America's Future,” and now a watered down "Pledge to America." Gingrich is sending around strategy memos to his Republican colleagues, asking candidates to focus on America’s dependence on food stamps during the election.

Is the Republican plan for the next few weeks as cohesive as it was back in the '90s? Newt Gingrich tries to answer.


Newt Gingrich

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gil mann from hoboken

Good job not calling Gingrich out on his "food stamp" demagoguery, guys (the right's just worried about the deficit, they don't want to demonize the poor for electoral gain).

Oh, and Obama's Kenyan anti-colonialism. Good thing you didn't bring that up.

Really, why not just let Gingrich fill in for an hour? Maybe your listeners can ask him some pertinent questions, since you won't.

Oct. 14 2010 08:07 AM
Siger Brabant

I'm not sure why all national media feel compelled to have Gingrich on the air 24/7. The guy is pretty much irrelevant now, despite his apparent belief that he was president in the 90s.

Anyway, I was curious that the interviewer didn't follow up on Gingrich's assertion that the failed Times Square bombing shows that "the system is not working". In what way should the system be changed to stop a US citizen from loading up a car with explosives and parking it in Times Square? Was the system working under President Gingrich in the 90s when Tim McVeigh loaded up a Ryder truck with explosives and blew up his fellow citizens?

Oct. 12 2010 11:18 AM
Dan from InWood

Gingrich is an idiot.

Oct. 12 2010 09:59 AM
lesterine from U.S.A. : New York : New York

populist movement? the tea party? the tea party is the movement of two multi-billionaire brothers--the kochs (pronounced 'coke'). these two men are the impetus behind the tea party's central concept of big government interfering with the lives of americans because our government gets between them and their profit margin by holding their businesses to the standards set to protect american lives, not interfere with them. brian lehrer did a very interesting segment on the koch brothers. essentially the tea party is about gaining power for themselves, not for the american people and therefore like so many other bogus, shallow, one-sided, single-minded and greedy political movements today.

Oct. 12 2010 09:58 AM
Patricia from FH

Mr. Gingrich forget who go us into this fiscal mess, the Republicans. Who got into this war, that's costing us so much money (not to even speak of the lives of both civilians and soldiers)....who was that...let me see...President Obama....NO....President Bush ---A REPUBLICAN! Trust the Republicans -- forget it!

Oct. 12 2010 09:55 AM

I like the sound of "Repukelicans." Perhaps all democrats should refer to the other party that way - would News Broadcasters be willing to correct that pronunciation?

Oct. 12 2010 09:19 AM
Peg from Southern Tier NY

It's not just jobs... There are jobs in upstate NY. Recently a couple who had lost their jobs and were foreclosed in Colorado, just moved here and got jobs right away. The problem is that when jobs leave an area, the ability to pay for real estate leaves the area. No one will buy a house that is overvalued - so to seek a job in another location often means foreclosure. Our current real estate problem is equally contributing to our job creation problem AND "trickle down" will not solve it.

Oct. 12 2010 09:10 AM
Dee from New York City

Hey Takeaway, Why do you allow your guests (a pollster this AM) to say democrat party (an epithet) instead of correctly calling it the Democratic Party?
Are you guys listening to what your guests are saying or not? Why pander to the repukelicans?

Oct. 12 2010 08:30 AM
Karen Davis from Jersey City, NJ

This was the lamest interview I've ever heard. Gingrich spouted the Right's usual lies with no push-back from Hockenberry at all. Characterizing the Democrats as 'the party of food stamps" was just idiotic since the Democrats are the only party to come up with a coherent jobs creation plan; the Right has supplied no ideas besides tax cuts. Why didn't Hockenberry call Gingrich out on this? The assertion that Americans don't like health care reofrm is also extremely misleading. As a journalist, Hockenberry should know that this 'dislike' is fed by Rightwing misinformation. Again, why didn't Hockenberry call Gigrich out on this? Listening to Gingrich run over his talking points as he would on Fox News is not what I listen to NPR for. I will no longer be listening to The Takeaway.

Oct. 12 2010 08:12 AM

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