The long history of federal and corporate bailouts

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

They've made headlines every day this week, but bailouts and financial flameouts are a part of American history. The American colonies were bailed out by the French during the Revolutionary war, and then America bailed out the debt-plagued French king by buying Louisiana from him (so he could pay his war bills). The Takeaway looks at more notable American bailouts.

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I was about to correct the whole misinformation given in this ridiculous article, but John Decker just did.
Shame on you, fellas!!!
Feeding the masses with flat ignorance.

Sep. 25 2008 05:39 PM
john decker

while you appear to have a 7th grade level of history, you are woefully inept on economics.
are you, the blog editors, products of the chicago school that obama, ayres, wright and even more evil people have fostered upon innocents? or are you aproduct of your own laziness?
nevermind the facts, simple repeat lies as to wit "the sky is falling" often enough, and you rise to the level of stupidity that prez.g. w. bush has attained. gosh bet your parents are proud.
Attention mind midgets: the us of a purchased louisana from napoleon, not a bourbon king, jefferson was president, the year was 1803, the price was 17 million dollars.
jefferson admitted to his secretary of state, madison that the contract/treaty exceeded his authority per the constitutio (ever heard tell of that document children?) but that if the senate retified the treaty as per their duty, then surly the house would budget the funds.

Sep. 25 2008 12:02 PM

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