The latest restaurant trend: Eat now, pay whatever

Friday, July 18, 2008

With food and gas prices soaring, eating out has become a luxury. But a growing movement, with its pay-what-you-can policy, is making a trip to the restaurant affordable—and for some, free. The Takeaway talks to Denise Cerrata, a pioneering foodie with civic-minded flair. Five years ago she opened a restaurant that lets people work for a meal or donate whatever they can afford.
Guest: Denise Cerreta, Owner, One World Café. Her restaurant serves organic food, where people pay what they can or work for a plate of food. She is now consulting other budding restaurateurs on starting similar businesses.


Chelsea Merz

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Is this really a "growing movement"? Do you base your stories on any kind of research or make them up the night before??

Jul. 23 2008 03:46 PM

Wow! This is amazing! I wonder how a restaurant like this would fare in New York?

Jul. 23 2008 01:06 PM

Sheer Genius...everytown should have one and no-one would starve!

Jul. 21 2008 02:19 PM

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