Americans Abroad Interpret Terror Warning for Travelers

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

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On Tuesday, French police arrested 12 people suspected of planning homegrown terror attacks. The arrests come on the heels of a non-specific terror warning from the U.S. State Department for Americans traveling in Western Europe, encouraging tourists to "take every precaution." While waiting for more details about the alleged terror threat in Europe to emerge, Americans abroad are assessing how seriously they'll take the State Department's warning to be vigilant and aware.

Terrorism expert Jessica Stern, fellow at Stanford's Hoover Institution and author of "Denial: A Memoir of Terror," says this recent set of warnings is far more effective than the government's former color coded terror alert system.

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There were terrorist warning, recently given by the
Government of USA,

to give awareness to the American, most especially to those who are set to travel abroad ,

then agents of a state seek to engage in enforcement operations outside their own territory without consent of the foreign government, they are further constrained by international norms of peaceful relations and the respect for territorial boundaries among states. Ordinarily, when a criminal suspect finds refuge in another country, the United States would ask the other country for extradition to gain jurisdiction over him.

Even interviewing a person outside of U.S. territory would be unlawful; executing him would be an extremely egregious offense. Violations of these norms run the risk of replacing law with force and spiraling international violence.

What a crucial place we have now.?

Oct. 08 2010 02:02 AM

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