Surviving Thanksgiving Arguments at the Family Table

Monday, November 23, 2009

There's only four days left until Thanksgiving, when most of us will gather around the dinner table for a much-anticipated meal.  But conversation at that meal doesn't always turn out to be as harmonious as we predict.  We're joined by Takeaway contributor Kate Dailey, health & lifestyle editor for; and Rochelle Riley, columnist for The Detroit Free Press, who give us their tips for surviving your crazy family on the day we're supposed to be most thankful for them.


Kate Dailey and Rochelle Riley


Jen Poyant

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I work in mental health and we hear from lots of ppl who struggle w/the holidays b/c of family issues/trauma. That makes me all the more thankful that our extended family (inlaws & "outlaws"!) love and value
holidays--any days--spent together. We don't look for perfection in each
other--we value the love, history and laughter/tears we've shared.

Nov. 24 2009 11:40 AM
Rebecca Cooper

I'm sorry so many people find their families so trying. In the last fifteen years, I've gone from having an abundance of relatives to now having a few distant cousins. Time takes its toll.

If you're at the table and someone's being less than polite, step back and observe this from the viewpoint of not having them around to annoy you. Or love you.

Nov. 24 2009 06:03 AM
Ann Ellsion

I am tired of hearing the stories of familes who dread getting together for holidays. This is becoming an every year thing ...sort of like "It's A Wonderful Life"...except not uplifting. Send a reporter to our family dinner. We are all having a good time without an axe to grind. I can't wait to see everyone. you think everybody except me is miserable? I never thought of that.

Nov. 23 2009 02:32 PM

Just when I thought this show couldn't get any worse... what a colossal waste of airtime. Honestly, are any of the "partners" (NYT, BBC, etc.) actually listening to this drivel? How do they justify it?

Nov. 23 2009 11:48 AM

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