Temp Workers Find More Jobs In November

More jobs, albeit temporary ones

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Temporary and contract workers may be the first to start feeling some relief as the recession ebbs. Temporary staffing companies found jobs for more than 52,000 workers in November, the most since 2004, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported this week. For a deeper look at the freelance market, we speak with Sara Horowitz, founder and executive director of Freelancers Union. We also speak with University of Chicago Professor Susan Lambert.


Sara Horowitz and Susan Lambert

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Caron Atlas

Freelancers are also assets, not just a potential strain on the system. We should have access to the benefits and the social safety net that other workers have because we contribute considerably to the economy and, for those of us working in the nonprofit realm, the social good. The economy is changing and in many ways independent workers are ahead of the curve. Instead of seeing this as a liability I think that we should create policy that supports this group of workers. The Freelancers Union is working on this, and I'm a member.

Dec. 08 2009 12:04 PM
Daniel Bavolack

Have been an independent contractor for more than three decades, and love it!
Check out www.mbopartners.com which has been my employer of record for many, many years with adequate benefits including unemployment safety net.

Dec. 08 2009 09:14 AM

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