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Thursday, December 24, 2009

A few stories about the future of TV caught our eye this week that we wanted to follow up on.  The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple may begin to offer TV subscriptions via the internet.  The thought of Apple competing with your cable box made us wonder if making the switch from cable or satellite TV to watching everything online. Nick Bilton and his wife Danielle recently said good riddance to their high cable bills and switched over to using their computer to watch TV.  Nick is the lead writer for the Bits Blog, for our partner The New York Times.


Danielle Bilton and Nick Bilton

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Rick Evans

Cut cable??? I've never paid any PayTV bill. Before the DTV transition I lived with good to mediocre analog reception.

In '06 I sprung for a 32 in HDTV once they started including ATSC (digital) receivers. Another $40 for an amplified combo UHF/VHF antenna and I doubled my channels to 30.

Living within 25 miles of broadcast towers helps. Yes,this is no solution for sports junkies. I did add a Philips DVD up-converting recorder with ATSC for time shifting.Picture quality is excellent considering it's compressed to 480i.

Monthly payTV bill? Still $0.00. Even Comcast has quit junk mailing me.

Dec. 24 2009 08:23 AM

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