Your Take: A Leadership Crisis for Obama?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010 - 10:56 AM

With news of a staff shakeup in the Obama White House and revelations that Obama's national security team is deeply, bitterly divided over strategy in the Afghanistan war, is the president having a leadership crisis, or is this just typical midterm angst? How well is the president leading his staff, and the country?

"There is a division within this administration of 'tribes.' There's the Clinton tribe and the Obama campaign tribe. And is a story of an outsider, to some extent, coming to Washington and learning what it's like to be commander-in-chief." — Peter Baker of The New York Times

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"I dont know who Obama's mama is, but evidently the note she gave him is all he needs, and it says he can do whatever he wants. Personaly I think he just needs a little more grease on that revolving door." - GW Wolfe (via Facebook)

"Oh, please! What administration hasn't gone through something similar midway through their term? It's the usual two-year shakeup." - Ingo Rautenberg (via Facebook)

"Take a deep breath, count to 10 and chill. Actually I wish I could playback for the petulant blogsphere the hyperventilation that went on during the election about how the vile Hillary should just please disappear so the golden boy Obama could take his rightful place as the second coming. And now it's same thing only the names have changed. Perspective is a good thing." - Suzanne Ford (via Facebook)

"Nothing new. He has had leadership issues since he took office." - Listener in Tulsa, OK (via text)

"Rats leaving a sinking ship." - Allan in Woodsocket, RI (via text)

"No crisis. As I recall, it's pretty normal for people to come, work like crazy and move on. Corporate life is pressure enough. I'm sure the White House is ten times more! If there's a crisis, it's one of unrealistic expectations--the general population has no idea what it truly takes to affect change." - Listener in Grande Prairie, TX (via text)

"Hope not. These resignations are financial people who've been keeping some brutal hours. Departures two years in to a new administration are pretty common." - Listener in Geneva, NY (via text)

"Sounds like he's having a fatigue crisis. Besides the Bush administration was apparently on the 'same page' during the war. That turned out well." - Listener in Pontiac, MI (via text)

"Not suprising. To me its whats to be expected. Great president that brought great individuals together. Not great teams. Great teams stick together when they are down. Great people protect themselves." - Jonathan in Columbia, SC (via text)

"This is not a crisis but an adjustment to the Obama administration organization. The presidency is essentially a management team with a goal of helping the country meet the needs of its people. The needs of the country has changed since 2009. Now it's time to get the unemployed back to work and paying taxes to tackle the budget deficit. Crisis is something that happens without warning. The president knows about the plans of his advisors well in advance of the general public." - Listener in Fort Lauderdale, FL (via text)

"No, I think the media is reaching for a story because you need to sell the news!" - Listener in Bayside, NY (via text)


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