Takeouts: 'The Value,' Yanks Win, Housing

Thursday, November 05, 2009

  • Sports Takeout: The New York Yankees have won the 2009 World Series; Our sports contributor, Ibrahim Abdul-Matin, talks highlights and the number of Mets fans he saw rooting for the guys in pinstripes.
  • Business Takeout: The Federal Housing Administration was all set to report on their own financial health, presumably to allay fears that the agency will be the next to need a bailout. But then they abruptly cancelled the report, the press conference and interviews. Louise Story, finance reporter for our partners The New York Times,¬†explains what this means and why we care.
  • The Value: We hear another installment of "The Value," as Farai Chideya looks at what we value most in a bleak economy. In today's segment she interviews Jared Vazales, who chose a career in community gardens. (click through for video)

Farai Chideya travels to the Bronx to interview Jared Vazales


Ibrahim Abdul-Matin


Louise Story

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