Daughter Tells Story of Great 'Southern' Migration

Monday, September 20, 2010

Last week we discussed the Great Migration, a time period between the 1910s and 1920s when six million black Americans left the South and headed to the North and West to pursue better opportunities. Among those migrants was the father of Takeaway listener Tina Collins. Tina’s father left his life of cotton picking to settle in Michigan. But now, Tina and her siblings are moving back down south, in what she calls the Great Southern Migration.


Tina Collins

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Arwa Gunja

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David Zapen from Miami FL (WLRN)

Very moving micro-history. Did anyone mention the First World War as forcing factories to recruit Southerners north to replace Northern soldiers sent abroad? The recent counterpart is Colorado, home of ex-Congressman Tom Tancredo, and its known recruiting of undocumented workers from Mexico. This both feeding and inflaming Tancredo's fear of the U.S. becoming a Third World country for imagined cultural reasons instead of real economic ones.

Sep. 20 2010 09:20 AM

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