Takeouts: TARP, Openly Gay Bishop, Undefeated NFL Teams

Monday, December 07, 2009

  • Money Takeout: Louise Story, of The New York Times,tells us about the unexpectedly good news about TARP bailout money: almost all of it will be paid back! So the next question is, what to spend the nearly $700 Billion on?
  • Religion Takeouts: Kevin Eckstrom, editor for Religion News Service, talks about the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles' election of the nation's second openly gay bishop.
  • Sports Takeouts: Takeaway sports contributor, Ibrahim Abdul-Matin, recaps Sunday's NFL action including Michael Vick's comeback to Atlanta, and the Saints and Colts both keeping the perfect season hopes alive.


Ibrahim Abdul-Matin, Kevin Eckstrom and Louise Story

Hosted by:

Todd Zwillich

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