Turkey Passes Referendum in Step Towards More Democracy

Monday, September 13, 2010

Voters in Turkey passed a package of 26 constitutional reforms on Sunday, which included changes to the judiciary, giving more control to parliament to appoint judges, and making the military more accountable to civilian courts.

In a statement, President Obama "acknowledged the vibrancy of Turkey's democracy as reflected in the turnout" — seventy-eight percent of eligible voters went to the ballot box, passing the referendum with a 58 percent majority. The vote is also being viewed as a vote of confidence in the ruling Justice and Development Party and a move away from the country's secular legacy.

With us on The Takeaway is Omer Taspinar, director of the Turkey Project at the Brookings Institute, who says that the country's religious turn is in synch with an increase in democracy.


Omer Taspinar

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Kateri A. Jochum

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