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Wednesday, September 08, 2010 - 11:04 AM

We spoke with author and New York Times food writer Melissa Clark on making the prefect lunchbox sandwich. She gave us recipes for a delicious sounding pan bagnat and a tofu salad sandwich. She said that she likes to “create sandwiches that actually taste good when they're a little smooshed, when they're old and smooshed, that's what I'm looking for.”

Takeaway listeners had some suggestions of their own.

On Facebook:

Shannon McNamara:

What's wrong with the lunch I had back in '85? Care Bears lunch box, cut green pepper (snack), ham and cheese on wheat, orange juice, apple sauce and a thermos (Care Bears of course) with a cup of tomato soup :)

Kevin Stebleton:

We need a return to the old school lunch - healthy food. To encourage McDonald’s thinking with hamburgers and fries encourages the obesity rates.

Kurt Kaletka:

Lots of options: cheese, hummus, plums, ham, turkey, organic potato chips... And I like Shannon's idea of tomato soup. I never had that in my lunch as a kid, since I didn't grow into appreciating tomato soup until I was in college. Kids ...wouldn't eat gazpacho, would they? It's an ideal, portable, cold soup. I know as a kid I would've shunned it, so maybe not. Could we get Iron Man or Miley Cyrus or someone like that to endorse it? Then gazpacho could become hip for the under-ten set. Just thinking aloud...

Leslie Ratzker Felner:

Food to keep them well stoked because my kids don't get home until after 5:30 pm. That would include left overs made into sandwiches, fruits, yogurt, some sweets (crackers, cookies), pretzels, raisins. Also include bottles of water to keep them hydrated. Now put all of that into a Bloomingdales' plastic coated brown bag to make a fashion statement. Brown bags can't handle all that stuff. And voila!


On our website, Peg writes:

My family HATES mayo and mustard! Yuck! Sandwich makers spoil good food by assuming universal love of sauce. Ask before you slather.


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